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    On the road again! (travel)


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    On the road again! (travel) Empty On the road again! (travel)

    Post by Enmei Sat Jul 03, 2021 6:19 pm

    The time had finally come. Finally, after receiving a map to his desired location he was going to be able to meet the legendary snake sage. Or at least that's what he had hoped. He smiled as he walked towards the gates from inside the village and honestly he couldn't be more excited. He was going to the sand village which was a long trek and most people didn't have a map and couldn't find it. Now he had it and his determination was palpable. He ran his hand through his hair as he took one last glance at the Vast mountain range. He would not return here for some time if not at all. It was a dull place no life within it. No, he would head towards the country of the land of wind where he was being employed to work as security. He smiled as he lifted his bag over his shoulders and began making his approach and long trek towards the land of wind and eventually the hidden sand village.

    [exitig Land of earth(Half major country) -> Birds (Full Minor country) -> Suna (Half major country) - B rank speed = 24 hour]

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