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    Ice and Bone


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    Ice and Bone Empty Ice and Bone

    Post by Sayuri Tue May 04, 2021 6:18 am

    Sayuri had ascended her mountain specifically to attend to Frederick and Cayde. The day was mild, but as she reached the top, ice and snow blew and the air was as frosty as her beloved Sentinel. As she had left them, Frederick, her Ice Sentinel and Cayde, her gifted Bone Golem from Sero were patrolling the mountaintop for anyone that may bother their Queen. What a Sentinel and a Bone Golem thought constituted a ‘bother’ was something Sayuri had never thought of - but she wasn’t terribly interested in their inner workings anyway.

    As she came into view, the two giants would lumber over to her and she would pat them both lovingly. She was fond of them, in a way normally reserved for only a very precious few. “Ah my lovelies, I missed you both. Frederick. . . Cayde. . . Let’s see about recharging your seals shall we?” They didn’t speak. They never spoke, and arguably didn’t have the capacity for much beyond roaring. They would both stand still as she reapplied the seal for Eternal Servitude on them one after another and channel her chakra into both seals. It took a few moments and left her winded and leaning heavily on the golems. It was easier than the last time she had done it, but it was still a heavy price to pay.

    Frederick would carefully pick her up and carry her towards her ice castle, stooping to fit through the human sized door and placing her gently on a wolf pelt covered throne. “Thank you, Frederick.” Frederick had been slowly making his way back outside to patrol, though upon hearing Sayuri’s voice he would pause for a moment and turn to stare at his Queen, his expression unreadable in his monstrous form. Something about the exchange had made the golem hesitate, though with the mental fortitude of a literal block of ice, he turned and continued on his way outside. Inside the castle was a small Yuki woman and the sound of a deep and sinister laugh.  


    Tech Notes:
    190/290 CP - Performed Upkeep on Cayde (Bōngōremu, B-Rank) and Frederick (Ice Forged Sentinels, A-Rank) Upkeep required July 4th 2021

    Previously done here.

    Name: Eternal Servitude
    Rank: A
    Activation Cost: 20
    Upkeep Cost: 10
    Range: Touch
    Speed: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Fuuinjutsu
    Classification: Open
    Requirement: -
    Parent Technique: Contract Seal
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: A reverse concept of the Contract Seal, this technique allows for the binding of creations and summons that have been created by the user or by those they interact with. When the user implements this fuuinjutsu on a summoned creature, created construct or clone that target becomes bound to the user of the seal. This binding does not give the user innate knowledge of all that the target is capable of, and so without the cooperation of the original summoner, using the target’s more advanced abilities is impossible.
    As a secondary use of this technique, the user may seal the target to make it ‘permanent’ and under the user’s control. This use of the technique costs an additional 30 CP (for a total activation of 50 CP) and it is required that the process be repeated every two months.
    Drawbacks: This requires that the user touch the target, which is a dangerous prospect in combat. The secondary use of the technique requires the cooperation of the initial summoner and is not a means to create unwilling duplicates of summons or clones.

    Ice and Bone EkoDeFi

    The Ice Queen:
    Character Name: Sayuri Yuki
    Spendable Experience: 40
    Total Experience: 3390
    Renown: 1250
    Ryo: 2,135,000

    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: S
    • Stamina: A+
    • Speed: D
    • Coordination: D
    • Intelligence: C
    • Perception: C

    Elements & Skills:

    • Ninjutsu (Affinity Hyoton)
    • Iryojutsu
    • Fuuinjutsu
    • Fuuton
    • Suiton
    • Hyoton

    Technique List: The Ice Queen’s Techniques

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