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    Tsukiyo Shinku
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    Tsukiyo's Chems Empty Tsukiyo's Chems

    Post by Tsukiyo Shinku Sat Feb 27, 2021 4:57 pm

    These were previously approved on the short lived 'Neo Gladius' by Kara. Resubmitting for approval here.

    Name:  Moonlight Anti-Poison
    Rank: A
    Price: 100,000
    Application: Ingestion)
    Effects:  A basic anti-poison, taken by drinking it. It can cure an A rank or under poisons after 1 round.
    Duration: 1 Post
    Cooldown: 15 days
    *Yields 3 dosages

    Name: Scarlet Night
    Rank: A
    State: Liquid
    Price: 50,000
    Symptoms: Ringing in Ears, Vision turning red
    Effects:  Once infected with the poison it will begin to spread out through the blood stream, and spread throughout the body. Once it has spread out throughout the victim's body, it will begin attacking the nervous system, causing all kinds of havoc for the unlucky soul who is infected by this poison. This results in a 2 tier debuff to Coordination and a 1 tier debuff to Perception. It will wear off after some time.
    Countdown: 2
    Duration: 10
    *Yields 3 dosages

    Name: Weeping Root
    Rank: A
    State: Solid
    Price: 75,000
    Symptoms: Feeling Lightheaded (Countdown), Bleeding from Eyes and Ears (Duration).
    Effects: A powerful poison capable of killing all but the hardiest of targets, in the form of a powder. This can be easily placed on or into food, or dissolved into drinks as a way to pass it on. Once taken into the body, the target will begin feeling light headed, as the poison begins to thin the blood of the victim. After the poison has taken full effect, the thinned blood will begin to escape the eyes and ears of the victim. Any wounds are much harder to stop from bleeding. At the end of the duration, the full effect will take place--and instantly the target's brain will cease functioning, resulting in the target becoming completely brain dead, and all natural body functions such as breathing and heart beating will cease as well--ending in a swift death.
    Countdown: 2
    Duration: 10/Permanent
    *Yields 3 dosages

    Data Book Entry: Tsukiyo Shinku:
    Name: Tsukiyo Shinku

    Strength: C (450)
    Constitution: C (450)
    Stamina: B (950)
    Speed: C (450)
    Coordination: B (950)
    Intelligence: A (1650)
    Perception: C (450)

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