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    Moonlit Masquerade [B-Rank] Empty Moonlit Masquerade [B-Rank]

    Post by Shin Sat Jan 30, 2021 4:05 pm

    Mission Name: Moonlit Masquerade
    Mission Type: Combat
    Mission Rank: B
    Mission Goal: Track down the Ring Leader and Eliminate Him
    Description: Now that the slavers are dealt with it's time to deal with their master. Investigation into the slavers camp revealed that a certain official of Tsuchi no Kuni had orchestrated the entire operation. There is enough proof in the camp to sentence him, track him down and bring him in.
    Payment: 25k Ryo
    Requirements: C+ Completed "Moonlit Escapades"

    Administration had conducted several interviews with the freed slaves to inquire further as to realize who the true brain was behind the slaver operation. Shin had been left out of the interview process, though he did not feel slighted by the exclusion, as it certainly was not his strongest skill set when it came to gentle questioning; especially for people who could potentially be traumatized by their recent past. Scouts had been sent out as well, the day after Shin had cleared the camp, back to the camp to see if any others operating the slave trade would return, along with searching for documents that could provide potential clues as to who was running the entire thing. Researching documents, as well as interviews, had eventually resulted in a name after several days; four after Shin had rescued the slaves from the camp they were entrapped in. The one who was truly running the entire operation, the real head, happened to be an official of Tsuchi no Kuni who had fled in the days since Shin’s intervention in his operation.

    Now, after a few hours of searching, Shin stood before the official who seemed to be trembling. Shin didn’t think the man would get too far, for he had no shinobi training, and was likely just as capable as any random citizen in the village. The most he had going for him happened to be his influence, which seemed like he had not used in the days since - a smart move, since it would leave far more tracks for Shin to follow to eventually find the man. “I would recommend giving yourself up. Trying to flee will be futile… just remember that I have several techniques I could utilize that would not only stop you, but break a few bones. Save yourself the pain and just give yourself up.” It would be only a few moments, Shin watching the man with unflinching eyes to see what the conclusion would be. A few solid moments of silence passed by, the Tsuchi no Kuni official sweating profusely, but two shaky hands would be presented towards Shin. A surrender if he ever saw one. Once Shin would have the man apprehended, he would then begin the trek back to Iwagakure no Sato, where the man would meet his fate.

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    Moonlit Masquerade [B-Rank] WzALqda
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