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    Moonlit Travels [B-Rank]


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    Moonlit Travels [B-Rank] Empty Moonlit Travels [B-Rank]

    Post by Shin Sat Jan 30, 2021 3:29 am

    Mission Name: Moonlit Travels
    Mission Type: Investigation
    Mission Rank: B
    Mission Goal: Investigate the rumors of slave trade
    Description: rumors of slavers in the Great Chang Mountain Range have the entire country on edge. Look into the rumors and see if they hold any merit
    Payment: 25k Ryo
    Requirements: C+

    When the notice came that his assistance was required for a particular mission regarding some slavers in the Great Chang Mountain Range, Shin was fully prepared to head out and deal with them. However, upon a more detailed reading - instead of noticing the words ‘slavers’ and ‘Great Chang Mountain Range’ - Shin came to the realization that these were currently merely rumours that needed further investigation. Shin could fully admit that his skill set was not suited for espionage, and it certainly would not be in the future either, so this would be a test for him. Utilizing jutsus to neutralize, apprehend, or kill a target he could easily handle. Utilizing tact when it came to an assault was easy enough. Staying hidden, learning to ask the right questions and gathering useful intel was something that he had not learned and certainly did not feel fully prepared for. Yet, he would take this mission on like he would any other - fully preparing for it as best he could. Once he had prepared himself mentally, physically Shin had dressed down and outfitted in darker clothes in case he would need to lurk in the shadows to find any valuable information.

    The first location the Shin had found himself was in Hòu Zhuān Square, venturing through the more shady areas of the district to find some useful information. His adventure through the area did not result in much, so Shin had eventually given up wandering the area attempting to find anything that would help him with his case. The usual hotspots of activity he had been notified about were unprecedentedly quiet today, which made Shin somewhat frustrated with where to go next. Perhaps another stroll could help, so he let his feet eventually carry him, figuring he could come back to Hòu Zhuān Square if he had nothing in the next hour or two.

    Shin found himself nearing the village walls, not the entrance, rather one of the more industrial areas of the village that were not frequently populated. This was definitely a place that had been recommended to him to scout out; one among several. Venturing by the buildings, Shin did not hear anything out of the ordinary and there was definitely a succinct lack of human communication in the area. It was not until he reached a building with boarded up windows, with one door open at the side, that he heard voices escaping the place. Making out the words was difficult at first, and the numerous names he heard certainly made it harder to decipher what was important and what was not. After another fifteen minutes of listening to the conversation, Shin had gathered enough details that he could report back that would likely lead to the operation being destroyed. A man named Soya seemed to be running the operation, yet it seemed a figurehead above Soya, that had not been named, was the true brains behind the operation. Yet, they would not provide a name, only that they did operate out of the Great Chang Mountain Range and Soya was definitely one of the men to take down.

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