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    Swords Crossed at Dusk


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    Swords Crossed at Dusk Empty Swords Crossed at Dusk

    Post by Ashitaka_Inuzuka Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:54 pm

    Mission Name: Showdown!
    Mission Type: Duel
    Mission Rank: B
    Mission Goal: Defeat the grieving swordsman
    Description: A man who feels he's had everything taken from him by shinobi has trained with a sword for years. His skill with a blade is prodigious and he's considered superhuman with his capabilities. He's laid down a duel challenge for any shinobi willing to accept it. A one on one challenge. Defeat him, kill him, gang up on him if you want just ensure he doesn't endanger anyone.
    Payment: 25,000
    Requirements: C-Class or 2 D-Class

    There once was a man
    whose grief drove him to such fits
    he challenged the world.

    He found life unfair
    and so he sought out its end
    amid flashing steel.

    With nothing to lose
    and in his mind, or to gain,
    he waited for them.

    His call was answered
    only with disappointment
    as none could bring peace.

    Another day passed
    that he spent waiting under
    the blossoming tree.

    He was about to leave
    as the sun approached the sea
    and met the sky's end.

    His departure though
    was interrupted by one
    last foe he must face.

    The child was quiet.
    His demeanor chilled even
    suicidal men.

    An arcane hand form
    transformed a bracer into
    an actual sword.

    The blade although wood
    looked deadlier in black coat
    and brandished with grace.

    The man scoffed but met
    the invitation to fight
    and the duel ended.

    The boy stood over
    the man who'd once thought himself
    untouchable with steel.

    Disappointment filled
    the eyes of the young victor
    denied a challenge.

    A letter appeared
    replacing the wooden blade
    and handed over.

    "You're being drafted.
    If you don't value your life,
    go be a hero."

    The man looked down at
    the paper in his hands that
    called him to the front.

    He raised his eyes but
    the boy was already gone
    as though never there.

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