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    Ninja From the Past

    Hana Kaguya
    Hana Kaguya

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    Ninja From the Past Empty Ninja From the Past

    Post by Hana Kaguya Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:50 pm

    A messenger pigeon would find its way into Kumogakure's aviary after going through whatever safety screening needed. Attached to its back would be a scroll case and within containing a scroll from Kirigakure's official Administration. Once retrieved its contents would read:


    Leaders of Kumogakure,

    News of the Moonspire destruction has reached the Water Empire, as did Kumogakure's involvement in Konoha's affairs. Kumogakure has a notorious reputation in Kirigakure due to their persistent involvement in the politics of a nation outside of their own sphere of influence. This of course follows Kumogakure's attempted assassination of the Fifth Mizukage as well as numerous other incidents. You must understand that it is not only Kirigakure which has had enough of Kumogakure's policing habits. Other nations are forever growing irritant of your military presence in their land, and this will of course lead to retaliation.

    What happened in Moonspire does not earn the Water Empire's pity. Although our nations are not allied, the slaughter of innocent lives is always a loss. Civilians should not be a victim to the politics of ninja, however, the death and destruction which occurred that day was costed by none other than the arrogant and greedy hands of Kumogakure. I, however, cannot bare witness to the slaughtering of innocent lives due to your nation's self-destructive ways. And for that I only have one piece of advice: pull your involvement from Iwagakure and stay within your own boundaries.

    Learn from your mistakes and heed the advice of a nation that has been tainted with the mistakes of generations.

    Yours Truly,

    Lady Hana Kaguya, Seventh Mizukage

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    Ninja From the Past Empty Re: Ninja From the Past

    Post by Ryuko Tue Oct 20, 2020 12:42 am

    “What is this bitch on about?” muttered Ryuko as she read the letter.  Internally she was so furious at the words it contained that she had to fight off the urge to simply crumple it.  Instead she set it aside knowing that it would serve as valuable historical evidence in the years to come.

    If Konoha hadn’t been such bastards they wouldn’t have gotten involved in their affairs in the first place.  Letting one of the nations under your control go independent and then turning around and trying to take it back the next day was the height of hubris.  That they had done so under the guise of using the Mountain alliance as a front was all the more deplorable.

    She’d stepped in thinking she was helping a valuable potential trading partner stabilize only to find out that she’d put her foot into a situation that was far more complex than it appeared at first glance.   She’d had her suspicions that Konoha had been backing the Alliance but nothing to prove it.  If she’d known for sure from the start she might have taken a different approach though to be honest she would have ended up backing Iwa’s independence regardless.

    Regardless if Kiri didn’t want to be policed then perhaps they should take actions that were more befitting for a major power.   It was one thing to conquer a nation but it was another to rape and pillage the population the way Kiri had done to the Land of Demons.    Actions such as those were utterly reprehensible and beyond the pail.

    “You should have heeded your own advice Hana.” Ryuko muttered darkly as she claimly penned a response formally declaring war between the two powers and had it sent off to Kiri.



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