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    Whispers of the Past


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    Whispers of the Past Empty Whispers of the Past

    Post by Masaru on Fri Jun 12, 2020 5:12 pm

    Masaru would rush from his office headed straight for the archives as soon as the message reached him. The man made a note to improve the communication system within the village, so that he could get messages faster than this. A message of this importance shouldn't have taken hours to have reached him, considering the fact that the Discovery was made this morning and he was just now getting word of it after lunch. As he burst through the door of the archives, the man saw the group within jump at the sudden sound. Had he not been so focused on the words of the message, the man would have probably laughed at the sight. He moved through the room without a word, approaching the table he saw the unrolled scroll. A gasp would escape his lips, but no words would come. His eyes locked on to the scroll, he could hear the sound of others in the room speaking but he wasn't listening. Their words would fall on deaf ears, as the man stood fixated on the scroll. They had found it, they actually found it. Had it not been that he was seeing it with his own eyes, the man probably would not have believed it. But here it was, the Iwa Exclusive Technique Scroll. The most legendary techniques of the village hidden in the Stone, he had always believed there was a copy hidden somewhere in the archives but to actually see it was still unbelievable to him.

    Masaru would grab the scroll from the table rolling it back up and turning to the men in the room, "Thank you for your service I will take it from here." With the scroll tightly in the man's grip he would exit the archives and head for the training grounds.


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