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    Reduce Swift Release Costs

    Kureji Toukei
    Kureji Toukei

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    Reduce Swift Release Costs Empty Reduce Swift Release Costs

    Post by Kureji Toukei Thu Sep 17, 2020 11:00 pm

    At one point, Shadowless flight allowed the user to have 1 tier to Coord, 1 tier to Speed, and -1 Tier to an opponent's Perception but has been nerfed to 2++ Coord, 2++ Speed and --2 to opponents perception.

    With the nerf to Shadowless flight for Hayami in mind, as it stands, there are bonuses to having swift release with having it unlocked and not having it unlocked. This is due to my own understanding of the clan and if I make any mistakes, feel free to correct me.

    If you don't have Swift Release unlocked, you get a natural ++ to speed which is nice, with also having your perception boosted up to the same level as your speed with the sole purpose of avoiding tunnel vision and blur.

    If you do have Swift Release, you get shadowless flight which is essentially a ++ to speed and coordination, with a -- to an opponents perception.

    Although a solid clan in some ways, the drawbacks feel way too hefty for me considering what you get, as it stands, you have to pay 1,000 EXP to unlock the bloodline AND furthermore, one of the drawbacks is that experience costs for Strength are 25% higher.

    What you get out of the clan is nice, but the costs for it are too high in my opinion and could be reduced to a more reasonable cost, I'm proposing that the EXP cost should be reduced down to either 500 EXP and removing the additional cost for strength, if 500 is too much of a reduction, then perhaps 750 EXP as the new cost for the bloodline... either way, the additional strength cost is ridiculous and I don't see any other clan with a similar drawback.

    Anyway, hope I made sense.

    tl;dr - hayami EXP costs too high, drawback is wack, don't get much out of the clan for the price, reduce price pls


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