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    Revisiting the Basics


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    Revisiting the Basics - Page 2 Empty Re: Revisiting the Basics

    Post by Ikomiki on Tue Sep 22, 2020 8:58 pm

    Her mouth was still full of food by the time he had asked her that question, stuffing herself completely with no regards for manners at all. Of course, she had absolutely no conception of them. As a cat she had a certain respect for cleanliness, but at the same time when overwhelmed by new stimuli like this she was sort of going out of control. At the very least the vast majority of the food she was consumed actually landed in her mouth, with only the broth sort of making a mess of her face and shirt. She did take his advice as it came though, realizing the inherent dangers of potentially stabbing yourself with the somewhat sharp prongs of the fork.

    The question caused her to stop though, settling down. While she had spoken with her mouth full earlier to say that the food was good, this question had a bit of a more complicated response. One that wasn’t driven by pure gluttony, at least. She would cease stuffing her face with food in order to chew down what was currently in her mouth. Once she finished she would take a shaky breath, having denied herself the ability to breathe for a bit too long in her pursuit of stuffing herself like a pig.

    What’s a date?” She would look at Kureji curiously, clearly not understanding.

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    Kureji Toukei
    Kureji Toukei

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    Revisiting the Basics - Page 2 Empty Re: Revisiting the Basics

    Post by Kureji Toukei on Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:20 am

    Any shock value he wanted behind that sudden statement seemed to be gone, as she didn't understand what a date is. He could tolerate her lack of eating manners, that was something he came to accept but certain social cues and words? she was starting to push it. Although his frustration was internal, he kept it under wraps externally, so she wouldn't have any idea. "Don't worry then."

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