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    Silence is it's own reward


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    Silence is it's own reward Empty Silence is it's own reward

    Post by Mort on Mon Aug 31, 2020 7:23 pm

    Mission Rank: C
    Mission Type: Patrol, Meditation
    Mission Goal: Patrol the Golden Temple
    Mission Description:: The shamans and oracles of the golden temple are ascending the mountain and requires fellow shinobi to patrol it's palace. Consecrate the chamber and clean the palace by meditation. Deep breathes and Introspection until completion.
    Payment: 15,000 per participant
    Requirements: Genin±, Ijutsu

    Many of the missions he was assigned to do as a genin were strange. This managed to beat out any of those missions as for whatever reason today he was assigned to consecrate a holy chamber. The reason it was so strange was due to Mort not being a very religious man. Sure he wanted to defeat a god, but he didn't really pray, didn't find much in spirituality, and honestly found it more to be a waste when he could just refine his craft. You didn't need religion to be a good person or to be in a community, you could to both of those just by doing it. But a job was a job and he had to read up on it's intricate ins and outs.

    Showing up at the temple he'd take another look over the mission he was assigned to and wondered how meditation would clean the palace. Not his call, but if that helped them sleep at night he wouldn't question it. Getting to work he'd first make several sweeps around the area, making sure there was no intruders. Then, he'd go and take the proper steps to consecrate the palace, taking care to not overdo it. Then, he'd sit down and start to meditate.

    Mort would sit there, spending time sifting through his thoughts as introspection was a part of the mission. This was something he could get behind, as part of a Kurama's training was to meditate so one could be in touch with their Id and Superego, to find what the core of their being was. But eventually after an hour it had to come to an end, as the next shinobi came to take his place as it was a rotational job today.


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