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    Kibble Time!


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    Kibble Time! Empty Kibble Time!

    Post by Diana Mon Aug 31, 2020 7:12 pm

    Mission Name: Feed the Hounds
    Mission Type: Chore
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Feed the Hounds
    Description: the Dogs of Iwagakure are hungry, ensure that they all get something to eat.
    Payment: 10k
    Requirements: -

    If ever asked Diana would say that she wasn't afraid of dogs, but she didn't know how to feel about these types, the kind that would attack and kill because that that was all they were trained to do. Sure there were the Inuzuka, but those dogs had a level of intelligence that not many had. But these were just dogs, hunting dogs, fighting dogs, and it made her nervous.

    She had made her way to pick up the scraps from several meat parlors as they would donate to a to help feed the dogs in return for some reimbursement and tax deduction, or so she was told. By the end of it all she had a decent amount of meat as well as other dog food products before she had made her way to the kennel proper. Thinking about it this smell of meat would probably take a while to wash out.

    But, now that she was at the kennel itself she can see plenty of the dogs. They seem to be nice, and as she came up with their food their eyes seemed positively ravenous. It was probably because they were hungry, but she couldn't help but feel like they were looking at her like a slap that meat, ready to chomp down to sate their bellies at any time. Taking a deep breath, she filled up each of their bowls with both food and water, then booked it out of there. She did her job and she was ready for a proper pint now.


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