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    Sweep Dreams


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    Sweep Dreams Empty Sweep Dreams

    Post by Diana Mon Aug 31, 2020 6:48 pm

    Mission Name: Street Cleaner
    Mission Type: Chore
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: clean the streets of trash
    Description: the street have become littered with trash, clean it up get paid, simple work.
    Payment: 10k
    Requirements: -

    What a day what a day. Diana had started the day quite well rested, and when she had looked at her tablet to see what she had on the list of things to do, she was delighted to see that it was her turn to help take care of the streets of Iwagakure. She had made a stop by the public sanitation department to get some items to help with the cleanup, and now geared up with a roll of bags, one of those stabby-trash picker-upper sticks, and a glossed smile on her face, she'd hit the streets to find the trash that needed to be taken care of.

    Diana would start by hitting the perimeters of all the clan Districts, as while the districts themselves were often kept very clean, people constantly neglected the outside of them. Should see that there is some scattered papers some wrappers and, god forbid a cup, but each of them would be stabbed by her fun little stabby stick and put into a trash bag.

    The next place. Diana would go to would be the commercial dispatch Iwa, Hòu Zhuān Square. She had been here a few times, but now that she had to pay more attention to the environment, she could see the beauty in it all. With a small stab, stab, stab into each and every little piece of trash, she'd slowly make the place look a little nicer.

    Her final destinations were to hit the academic and administrative districts, but those honestly didn't take too long. The academic District was awesome taken care of by the younger children as a way to show responsibility from what she heard, and the administrative district has its own branch that took care of it apparently. But, she took care of it in good time, and after returning her tools she'd head back home, the mission complete.


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