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    Merge Skilled with Craftsman for stores


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    Merge Skilled with Craftsman for stores Empty Merge Skilled with Craftsman for stores

    Post by Mort Sat Aug 15, 2020 7:18 pm

    I was looking at the Buildings in the General Organization and Village Rules, and when going over the store page I noticed two things:

    First, the lesser one (and pedantic) is that Miscellaneous Crafts Skills should be changed to Engineering to make things clearer.

    The bigger suggestion though is that the 7 'Skilled' skills and the 4 'Craftsman' skills should be merged for the purposes of selling at a store.

    In it's current state, a person can still profit from a store even if they don't have any of the 4 crafting skills at all and they can make a person pay for the item even without the store. Personally I think the Craftsman vs Skilled is just a middleman as a fuin/med/puppet without one of the 4 main craft skills can still own 2 stores just like a craftsman, the only differences being they need to use a thread to individually craft & sell to each person, and even the crafting time is basically non-existent as all 3 of those have something that can be instantly crafted. (Poison/Med for Ijutsu, Explosive Tags for Fuin, Poison for Puppet) The only one I could see an argument for is Kugutsu, but even that that's just limited to 1 weapon or puppet per day, 2 items with a UA as Kugutsu limits what they can make only to C-rank.

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