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    The Brewing Storm [Specialty Flashback]

    Haruko Kaguya
    Haruko Kaguya

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    The Brewing Storm [Specialty Flashback] Empty The Brewing Storm [Specialty Flashback]

    Post by Haruko Kaguya on Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:17 pm

    Rays of sunlight peaked through the mist, barely rising over the Eastern horizon nestled between two of the three mountains that flanked Kirigakure's Training Grounds. Already, the sounds of training echoed through the valley, even through the thick mist one could make out a figure alone, their movements smooth but unpredictable, nearly a dance in the mist--but every movement could surprise anyone attempting to predict the next. Eight spikes of bone protruded from the small figures form, a defensive and offensive style, anyone versed in the various dances of the Kaguya would recognize this...Dance of the Willow. The young woman, Haruko, would practice this dance from before sun had risen, until it shined above the horizon. It took her the better part of half a year to learn, but she now seemed very confident in her technique. She'd land on one foot, just on the toes, arms stretched outward with the blades protruding from her palms extended, before rolling onto the flat of her foot and placing her other foot down. Long pure white locks fell over her face as her head hung, eyes shut...they had been most the time she practiced. She'd lean her head back and let her hair fall back over her shoulders, eyelids rising to reveal icy blue hues, the depth and distance in these oceans of ice spoke of a woman who'd seen the world's horrors first hand.

    She'd take in a deep breath and absorb the constructs of bone--pierced and cracked with Yuki ice, the sound of bones creaking and grinding as they was withdrawn back into her body burning the young woman's ears...but it was a sound she'd grown very accustomed too. Her eyes fell to the ground for a moment, half lidded...she'd lost track of time during her training. She'd be going over some things on her mind for a moment before something on the ground caught her eye. "...Is that?" her voice was soft, but clear. She wasn't the timid broken arrow who'd arrived back in Kiri before. She'd knell down and reach to the ground, brushing aside some dirt to reveal a small piece of bone half wedged into the ground from being stepped on. She'd pluck it from the earth below and look at it was the failed bone bullet she'd tried to fire back when she first met her Aunt, and former Sensei, Rei. A silent sigh passed through her nose as she stood up to her full height...only 5', and stared at it a moment.

    Icy hues closed and she'd toss it over her shoulder, taking in a breath before shaping her hand into what could be best described as a 'finger gun', opening her eyes and taking aim at a tree. She hesitated...voices in her mind, hers and Akeruseirei's played back. 'Are you able to show me more of the clan's abilities?' 'That depends what you don't already know'...her brow narrowed and in a moment, she'd form a bullet of bone, and it'd fire out, striking the tree with a thud. She'd let her hand fall back to her side, looking at the tree with a distant gaze.

    [200/200. Learned Dance of the Willow]
    [200/200. Learned Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets]

    The Brewing Storm [Specialty Flashback] 60885_s
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