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    The Twin Walls of Iwagakure


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    The Twin Walls of Iwagakure Empty The Twin Walls of Iwagakure

    Post by Masaru Sun Jun 14, 2020 2:07 am

    The Twin Walls of Iwagakure 414253b7ed43c7fb10561264297d750f
    The Outer Wall
    Iwagakure's outer Wall speaks for itself. It is enormous towering one hundred meters high, a massive one mile thick circular stone structure reinforced with steel that rises high above the village proper and surrounds it on all sides to conceal and protect the village from outsiders. The Wall's only discerning features are its fifty small towers along it's top, shaped like layered pagodas, each one two stories tall but extending deep into the wall. Each tower holding a small division of the Jinsoku-Shi Guard. All traffic in and out of the village is through the Southern section of the wall, where the only gate is. The outer wall is constantly guarded and is not considered something to be carelessly visited or approached, even by Iwagakure citizens.

    Dead Man's Alley
    Once passing through the outer wall, rather than being met with the site of the village visitors will instead be met with the sight of a large flat open terrain as far as the eye can see with another wall on the far side of the open terrain. This flat terrain spans a three kilometer distance between the two walls, it is known by the guards as Dead Man's Alley due to the fact that attackers have no place to hide their approach. The pathway between the two walls hold signs posted on either side which lists the Laws of Iwagakure. Scattered across the entirety of the open terrain stands several crosses upon which convicted criminals are displayed along with their crimes plastered below them, as a reminder of the Sandaime Tsuchikage's stance against criminal activity.

    Inner Wall
    Made in the same manner as the outer wall, on a smaller scale due to the differences in the circumference between them. The Inner wall stands fifty meters tall and is half a mile thick, there are twenty five towers that top the inner wall. It is the inner wall that holds the last line of defense of most of the village, those that are welcomed guest to the village need not worry as their admittance through the first gate would grant them entrance through the second. However, those who  wished harm to the village are unlikely to make it to this gate as they are most often dealt with in Dead Man's Alley. It is through this gate that the visitor will get their first look at the actual village. The Gates of this wall bare the symbol of Iwagakure upon them when closed.

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