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    Shopping Spree

    Kim Chang-Min
    Kim Chang-Min

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    Shopping Spree Empty Shopping Spree

    Post by Kim Chang-Min Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:32 pm

    Nee-san arrived at his favorite shop with little fanfare. People knew that the Kage did not like to be approached without an appointment and that he valued his time enormously. The man walked in wearing his robes and his shades as was characteristic of him. He walked up to the counter and made several purchases.

    Purchases Made
    Steel | 5K per 2lbs. - 100lbs for 250,000
    Kunai | 100 ryo ea. - 10,000 for 100
    Shuriken | 100 ryo ea - 10,000 for 100
    Flash Bomb | 1,000 ryo ea. - 10,000 for 10
    Smoke Bomb | 1,000 ryo ea. 10,000 for 10
    Generic Sealing Scroll | 1,000 ryo ea. Requires Fuuinjutsu.
    Military Ration Pills | 5,000 ryo per bag of 20. Counts as a chakra recovery period when moving between short topics. Restores 10 points of the user's chakra in battle. Three usages per topic.

    Nee-san would then excuse himself and leave the shop having bought everything that he wanted. At some point he'd also create his puppet and then seal it within a generic sealing scroll that he slipped in the inner pocket of his Kage robes.

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