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    The Nameless Followers of Geno


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    The Nameless Followers of Geno Empty The Nameless Followers of Geno

    Post by Bones! Sat Feb 29, 2020 5:54 pm

    Village/Organization Name: The Followers of Geno
    Founder: Unknown
    Name of Current Leader: Unknown
    List of Members: (What is the current list of membership?)
    Base Size: (What size base do you plan to buy and use for your organization?)
    Lands Settled: (What lands can your organization be found in?)
    Starting Funds: (How much money does your organization have to start out with?)
    Insignia: (What is the main symbol or insignia of your organization?)
    Attire: (How do your members dress and carry themselves?)
    Purpose: (What is the overall purpose, goal, or mission of your organization?)
    General Description: How does your organization plan to reach their goal )
    Sources of Revenue: (How does your organization make money to fund its operations?)
    Allegiances/Allies: (Who is your organization loyal to)


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