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    The Bowyer and the Samurai


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    The Bowyer and the Samurai Empty The Bowyer and the Samurai

    Post by Kensai on Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:57 am

    It was an odd feeling for Ken Tanahashi to have money in his pocket for once as he wandered into the Sunagakure Marketplace and glanced towards the variety of shops. He knew exactly what kind of shop he was looking for, and it was the one place he would be able to feel like a human again. There were people selling pets, pottery, gems and jewlery, and even musical instruments and the like. Ken was almost drawn into several different places, but he didn’t allow himself to be distracted, instead making his way to the bowyer’s shop. A kind looking man nodded to him as he entered the shop.

    “Welcome to my archery shop, Sir.” The sir almost threw Ken off as he wasn’t used to being addressed like a human after his time living on the streets. “What can I do for you?”

    “I’ve...come to purchase a Yami, Master Bowyer. A proper Samurai’s weapon.” The bowyer looked him up and down before a smile crossed his lips.

    “Not many of your type around here, Master Samurai. I didn’t recognize you without your weapons, but it looks like you’re trying to rectify that situation. Might you accompany me to the range? We must make sure we get the right bow for you after all.” Without awaiting an answer, the old Bowyer led Ken to the back of his shop, taking a few bows as he went and nodding at each choice. Ken truly was stunned at the kindness and acceptance of this man, who when he reached the archery range, handed one of the bows to Ken. “I’d have brought you a glove, but I see you’re wearing your own.” Ken had basically forgotten that the gloves he normally wore were archer’s gloves, and he took the bow in his left hand, extending his arm out to its maximum reach before the bowyer took the bow from him and handed him another. “This one should be better, and now that I’ve measured your arm...”

    He walked away for a second as Ken stood there holding the bow like an old friend. His fingers gingerly brushed over the bowstring as his hand found the centre notch and sat just below it. He gave a test pull at the string, testing the weight of the draw just as the bowyer returned with a quiver of arrows that he would attach to Ken’s hip. “You’ll need these too, Master Samurai. Please, feel free to use the range for as long as you need.” He stepped back and crossed his arms. Ken couldn’t see the look of pride on the man’s face as he watched the young Samurai took an arrow into his right arm, drawing it from his hip and turning it so that the smooth shaft could run through his fingers down to the fletching, which he pressed against the string.

    He would find the knock on the arrow, hooking it into the strong as he rested it above his hand on the bow. The draw was smooth, like it was something he had practised a million times before, and everything about the process felt right. As he looked down the arrow towards his target he breathed in and held his breath, time seeming to stand still in that moment before he released the arrow along with his breath, watching as it sailed along and hit its mark. The bowyer walked away after a few more shots, Ken taking several hours with the bow and arrows as tears rolled down his face. His father would be proud of him. His father taught him to use a bow. This was a part of him.

    When he made his way back into the shop the bowyer had already retrieved him about fifty arrows that were the same size as the ones he was using. Ken asked if he had anything else that might interest him, and the bowyer stroked his chin before pulling out a weapon that Ken hadn’t had the pleasure of having with him on the caravan, but that his father held dear, a Kusurigama. He told him that in order to replace his swords, he would want to speak to a man named Okane, who referred to himself as the Grand Merchant. Ken was assured that he managed to live up to his name, as his wares were some of the best he had ever seen. Ken exchanged Ryo with the man, taking the kusurigama and the bow and wearing them on his body as the quiver with fifty arrows sat at his hip. He bowed to the bowyer.

    “Thank you, Master Bowyer...you’ve done more for me than you realize.”

    “No, thank you Master Samurai. It was truly a joy to help someone become closer to being whole today. I look forward to hearing tales of your heroism...just as I have heard of your father.” He had once again shocked Ken, who stood in silence as the bowyer came and put his hand on his shoulder. “You would have made your old man proud, Kensai. He died protecting this village so that you could take up his mantle. I’m happy to finally see you walking into my shop. You are a good man, just like him. Never forget that.” And with those words, the Bowyer made his way back to his counter and Kensai Tanahashi made his way back out of the shop and towards his next assignment with new found vigor.

    1 Standard Recurve Bow (Yami) - 5000 ryo
    50 Broadhead Arrows - 5000 ryo
    1 Kusurigama - 5000 ryo

    The Bowyer and the Samurai AeTmeif

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