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    Taking Stock

    Ei Kanagawa
    Ei Kanagawa

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    Taking Stock Empty Taking Stock

    Post by Ei Kanagawa Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:07 pm

    Ei had just recently come back from the Miracle Oasis with a collection of Silverweed. The weeds were all collected and bundled tightly, and then pressed together and allowed to dry. Only once they were completely dry could they be used directly for threads, at which point they would have to be stripped into their individual fibers and processed. The process took a long time, and was somewhat tedious as well. In her spare time she was able to mix together a few chemical formulas for a sort of invisible ink together. Not truly invisible, but rather flesh tone, they would come in handy for a variety of Fuuinjutsu seal applications.

    Making 3 Silverweed and 2 Flesh Ink


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