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    DHRF 7 : Freeing the Sleeping Demon


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    DHRF 7 :  Freeing the Sleeping Demon  Empty DHRF 7 : Freeing the Sleeping Demon

    Post by Teitsumi Sat Jan 25, 2020 11:04 am

    Deep within an out of the way section of Suna, marked with not but a single adobe building in the same structure to those found in the government districts, was a sprawling underground complex. Flickering electric lights set irregularly along the way and the thick smell of dust giving the impression that whomever lived here had been gone for quite some.

    Still, for an abandoned area, surely running electricity would grab attention, and if not that then the sign above the entrance to the hidden structure surely would. DHRF 7 :  Unauthorized Personnel will be recycled, vivisected alive, or disposed of.

    The massive complex for the most part had the look of a place cleared out in a hurry. Unmade beds, reference journals, and many other things both mundane, or potentially interesting. Such as a map of the Northern continent, with a Clan Crest of a Hyacinth Flower touching all the Major lands of the Northern Continent, with the central section highlighting an area where the borders of the Lands of Rivers, Rain, and Fire met connecting a series of rivers that carried throughout most of the Northern Continent.

    At the Locked Wing on the left wall as one entered, would be the Clan's Motto etched on a gold plaque the size of an average person.

    "To transcend what is possible, to elevate humanity into it's next phase of evolution, and to learn all there is to know in existence."

    - Aisha Don'yoku  (Clan founder: A.S 12).

    Below the quote a picture made of precious stones of a woman looking to be somewhere from the more northern parts of the continent than down in Sunagakure.  Old, imperialistic garbs, worn regally in the display.

    The rooms here had incubation chambers filled with corpses of unfinished projects; dismantled bits of highly advanced tech; and left over papers of bits and pieces of research from everything to Jutsu experiments, human experimentation, and cybernetics.

    Deeper still would be a room lined with stone statues of demons twisted in horrific poses signs of terror and pain. Above the door a warning, Test Subject #227, codename Tatari-Oni. Highly Dangerous. Do not give skin contact unless sedated.

    Upon entering one would see a teenage male, pale skin from years underground, two catlike cybernetic ear pieces on a table next to him. He was earless, two metal discs surgically imbedded into his skull with wires connecting into it's opening into a truly massive series of connected servers and a single computer with a transmitter attached.

    Various other wires would be imbedded into him in various angels, causing his body to jerk and twitch in tune to the series of fast running images on the computer screen.

    The screen would be running through various data, ripe for viewing. Showing a wide collection of jutsu, theoretical jutsu mathematics, fuuin diagrams of varying complexity, crafting blue prints ,and a whole host of other data streaming through at an insane rate of speed.

    Touching the computers mouse would send the program running in the background where a small selection of files were visible.

    Successful Experiments on Subject #227:


    • Nature Clan Gland Location and Harvesting.  File: #HOR-447cz90_v
    • Chakra Absorption and Nature Energy Projection.  File: #HRE-52665_w98
    • Neural Implant and Mind Control. File: #CRD-9950_c/227_g1
    • Memory Implantation and Removal. File: #CRD-9956_c/227_k
    • Sensory Control. File: #CRD-9956_h/227_a
    • Neural Enslavement. File #CRD-9957_a/227_a
    • Super Soldier Research Program: DHRF-7 Division. File: #HRE-52665_z20

    [Spoiler=Subject#227 Medical File]


    • A.S. 919: Test subject born in Kazehana Empire's Capital Hospital, Nature Energy projection caused numerous deaths, including mothers.

    • Don'yoku affiliate Dr. Nezumi, talked the father into signing the child into our facility. give designation Subject #227

    • Begin projects #HOR-447cz90_v and #HRE-52665_w98.

    • A.S 920: Subject has survived full organ harvesting and regrowth. Put in recommendation into harvesting from infants as protocol. Saves time on healing, feeding resources, and recovery. While removing need for consent.  Request Form PUD - s25

    • Subject #227 has started speaking and showing base cognition. Subject when touching others either feeds off of energy, or subconsciously discharges nature energy. Feeding goes through clothes, so far nature energy requires skin contact.

      Going to initiate rule to keep others from initiating physical contact. From a 3 day period between organ harvesting.

    • A.S: 922: Subject #227 has shown violent tantrums and urges unbecoming of a test subject. Implementing conditioning via torture and fear tactics to impose a domicile response to treatment.

      Add name to Subject #227.  Cursed Demon, future workers use this phrase (or Tatari-Oni), when needing to trigger a fear response or cause subject to be more malleable to testing.)

    • A.S 924: Successfully completed #CRD-9950_c/227_g1. Side effects of repeated harvesting and incomplete healing shown to have caused a weakening of subjects constitution.  Further infants need to be collected to see if this side effect is normal, or merely a part of the subjects genetic make up.  Submitted RAR-W6.

    • #CRD-9950_c/227_g1 shows promise for long term use for controlling soldiers on the field, new recruits during the initiation, and civilian suppression and control. Pass notes to other divisions to see about other implementations.

    • Experiments #CRD-9956_c/227_k and  #CRD-9956_h/227_a where a successful continuation of the Neural Implant. We now can turn on, off, and manipulate subject's senses. As well as use NCSI - 930 to control perception and motor functions.

      An image of the ear pieces by Tatari are shown as well as the easy process of installing them, and removing them, on top of technical schematics, diagrams, and it's technological statistics.

      A.S 926: Tests #CRD-9957_a/227_a and #HRE-52665_z20 successful. Neural Implant now allows full control and manipulation of subject when key programs are used. File: #HTS227_kcc 12_MF, has control sequence files.

      Note: Range is a maximum of 500 m from transmitter, further experiments must be done to try further enhancing range.

      #HRE-52665_z20 has shown good progress in enhancing muscle tone, and when mixed with #CRD-9957_a/227_a allows for enhanced teaching method that could potentially allow our soldiers and scientists to transcend the limited efficiency of a schooling environment by direct neural implantation of knowledge and skill. Submitted PUD-s25

      A.S. 930: Still in the middle of Project Echelon.  File: #CRD-10000_a/227_h, but Sunagakure has collapsed, our secrecy and research is in jeopardy. Leaving behind #227 until situation becomes stable in Suna.  Data from the Project shall be sent to Home Base until we can return.

    Project Echallon :File: #CRD-10000_a/227_h:

    The human mind is the most powerful computation device on the planet, only lacking a hard state computer's parallel processing speeds. By connecting a human to a computer system and using it's brain, we plan on being able to use it's unique abilities to take in large amounts of data, then copy any creations it creates.

    Allowing us to quickly and efficiently surpass human limitations and gather large amounts of data.

    For posterity all data given, and created will be shared with MBSR_1.

    If successful than Researcher Tokigawa's theory on immediate teaching of skills and knowledge will be correct, and we can begin implementing it with our Clan members.

    It would take several minutes after being unplugged before Tatari would be able to speak. If the ear pieces weren't installed, he'd simply ask in a worried tone, "Why am I blind?"

    Any attempts to speak with him would show that without the implants he'd be completely deaf as well as blind.


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