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    A Demon in the Darhk


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    A Demon in the Darhk Empty A Demon in the Darhk

    Post by DamienDarhk on Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:56 am

    Darhk Tower stood an impressive two hundred and fifty stories tall, it's all glass windows reflect the sun rays all over the northeastern part of Kaminari no Kuni. The tower standing in the center of the town of Moonspire, and with the exception of Damien's large Manor at the edge of the town was the only building in the town other than houses. The first level of the tower a massive lobby with several elevator on either side, the lobby large and open holding a single desk in the center. It was full of various plants and water features for a welcoming atmosphere, several employees moving throughout the lobby all of them wearing Darhk Industries Uniforms and most wearing masks hiding their appearance though there would be a few that would not be wearing masks. Every citizen of the small corporate town an employee of Darhk Industries, the company itself reached globally earning Damien the name of the Master of Trades. His empire had far more reach than just the advertised services his company provided, each requiring a different approach. The Business of the day would be a tricky one for Damien, a meeting with the clan leader of the Yokai. It wouldn't be his first meeting with a clan leader, though that didn't make it any easier. He knew more about this leader then he had Yenn, Damien had heard of Andariel and her promotion to Chuunin due to her performance in the recent exams. Still he really knew nothing else about her, this never sat well with Damien. Always looking to know everything about everyone, wishing to know what drove them. Damien had a strong believe that everyone had something that drove them, something they wanted and once he figured that out the rest just happened to fall into place. For Damien it was control, the feeling of power that came with it. For people like Tamwyn or Yenn it was their Ambition for greatness that drove them, while Rini was her designs and Ryuko was driven by her desire for peace. He prefer knowing more about the person going into the meeting as it always made it simpler, but like with Yenn he would have to go into the meeting blind.

    Damien had Zhu Li send a letter to the Yokai clan district requesting an audience with the leader, at the time Damien did not know the identity of the leader. It wasn't until the reply came that Damien learned it was Andariel, still it didn't make the upcoming meeting any easier on his mind. With every meeting came risks, with risks came the chance of the wrong person finding out about his extracurricular activities. However without taking risks he would not be where he was today, still the question of what drove Andariel would weight on his mind. When Andariel arrived she would be greeted by Zhu Li at the elevator directly behind the desk and taken up the elevator to the very top floor. An immaculate office the size of the lobby on the ground floor, floor to ceiling windows surrounding the office giving a panoramic view of the town below it as well as ample lighting. Unlike the lobby the floor within the office was polished marble, Two pillars stood in the middle of the room on either side of a desk, however rather than regular stone pillars these were large fish tanks full of all kinds of rare fish. There would be a small area to the left of the elevator which held countless bookshelf's full of books, on the right of the elevator stood a liquor cabinet with every bottle of Liquor Damien personally owned inside it. Zhu Li would exit the elevator sitting down behind the desk, clearly be her desk rather than Damien's. On the opposite side of the pillars and desk from the elevator was an open lounge area, Damien would be sitting in the chair with a glass of scotch in one hand. Tamwyn in his persona as Shikyō would be standing near him, even with a friendly meeting Damien felt more comfortable with Shikyō watching his back. Ever since his first meeting with Ryuko, Damien realized he had a tendency of saying or doing things that rubbed people the wrong way, it happened with Ryuko, it happened with Nyg. Both times either of them could have taken his life before he even knew he was dead, that did not sit well with him. He since viewed everyone as a threat, in a world of shinobi even with all his smarts he was physically weak. Having Tamwyn helped him feel more secure he knew Andariel could kill him just as easily ask Ryuko could have, but at least with Tamwyn he had a chance of living if he did say something that pissed her off.

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    A Demon in the Darhk Empty Re: A Demon in the Darhk

    Post by Tamwyn on Fri Sep 25, 2020 3:59 am

    Dressed in his Darhk Industry uniform, the black pants, black coat with gold trim and mask that looked exactly like everyone else's in the building. Tamwyn would be standing to the left and behind Damien's chair, well within reach to defend him if necessary. The Chunin's hair would be pulled back into a ponytail and tucked under the back of the coat with his hood up. The eye holes in the mask would seem a pitch black to all who looked upon them. Tinted glass there to prevent others discovering his identity via his rather identifiable eyes. The mask was equipped with a voice modulator that made it so that when he spoke he couldn't be identified either. All of his normal clothing would be gone in this guise, as there could be no way to identify him if he was able to make it possible. His paranoia was up, as it always was when on the job and his sensory was active. Today Damien was meeting with the clan head of the Oni. A woman by the name of Andariel. He had heard of her, and he remembered her name being called at Ryuko's coronation for a promotion but she had not been in attendance. Had she ever received that promotion? He wondered that idly before dismissing the thought. It wasn't important to the job at hand.

    Tamwyn's persona as Shikyō would have perfect precision in his movements and posture. Back was straight, feet apart and ready to move. Body always tensed and ready to pounce into action at any given moment. He relaxed certain muscle groups every few minutes to keep himself from cramping from being tense for long periods of time. Alternating between the limbs so that he was constantly ready. A cramp would make little difference in the end, perhaps only a partial seconds delay, however every little bit counted to a bodyguard. When Andariel arrived she would see Damien, and unknown, unnamed, personal guard with him. Shikyō wouldn't say a word, rather he would simply turn his head to acknowledge her before turning his head forward once more. His eyes behind the mask would become slightly unfocused, away of everything in their field of vision. His ears would be just as attuned and his sensory was up and active, constantly searching for potential threats to Mr. Darhk.

    Equipment and Shit:

    Tamwyn is wearing

    Name: Darhk Industries Employee Uniform
    Item Rank: B
    Material Rank: C++
    Description: Pic  the standard uniform of the Darhk Industries Employee's black dye Cloudstalker Eel Hide (Negates Lightning-based attacks B-rank and below.), with 24k gold trim and cuffs, the uniform comes complete with a hood to cover the employees head, and a spidersilk Mantlet over the left shoulder that bears the same gold trim as the rest of the uniform with a gold embroidery of Darhk Industries insignia in the center. This uniform is considered full body light armor, it's fabric is woven in such a manner that it prevents any form of bladed weapon from penetrating through it, instead damage that would Cut or Pierce the wearer is transferred to blunt force damage of equal rank.
    Quantity: 1

    Name: Darhk Industries Employee Mask
    Item Rank: B
    Material Rank: C+
    Description: Pic  a special jade mask worn by all employees of Darhk Industries to maintain ominosity when dealing with the various clientele that the company services. Each mask is custom made to the employees face through the use of clay, however the outside of the mask is jade and is always the same so that no one can tell who is behind the mask. The symbol of Darhk Industries is on the forehead of the mask and is made from 24k gold. A small mechanism on the inside of the mask at the wearers mouth, is capable of augmenting the wearers voice making it impossible to identify the wearer by their voice.
    Quantity: 1

    Name: Shinobi Gloves
    Item Rank: B
    Material Rank: B+
    Description: Standard shinobi fingerless gloves that have a small metal plating on the backside of the hand made of Vibranium and bearing the Darhk Industries symbol. Due to the Vibranium within the gloves, Lightning based Ninjutsu receive a 1 rank reduction in chakra cost.
    Quantity: 2 (1pair)

    He's also using Sensory

    290 CP
    = 289.5 CP

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