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    Metal Bars

    Ei Kanagawa
    Ei Kanagawa

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    Metal Bars Empty Metal Bars

    Post by Ei Kanagawa Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:50 am

    Ei would set out on the market again. She usually came only once a week, where she would buy in bulk all the food she would need and any other supplies that she had run out of. Today was a Wednesday though, and so it represented something out of the norm for her to be here at the markets. In the same way, passing by the stalls and shops she normally went in felt strange. She would look at them longingly as she went by, almost wishing she could stop in. Even though she didn’t need any paints it would have been nice just to browse through the store. Even though she had seen it thousands of times before. This was a special occasion though. She would head into a section of the marketplace that she rarely entered. Infact, the last time that she had bothered to come here was… Years ago. Before the plague? She couldn’t remember exactly.

    A few conversations with sweaty, muscular looking men later, and Ei would return with one sack of iron and one of steel. She only required ten pounds each, and both would be drug along the street behind her. Metal was heavy, so twenty pounds of it was deceptively small, but it would be more than enough for her needs.

    [Buying ten pounds of iron and ten pounds of steel]


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