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    Change of Plans


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    Change of Plans Empty Change of Plans

    Post by RinUchiha on Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:14 pm

    The land of grass had some breathtaking scenery from the sunrise above the plateau to the moon had risen in the night's sky. An occasional breeze would bend the grass like an invisible wave of the wind. Small patches of trees would rustle together generating a peaceful white noise. Rin spent a few days tracking down this dragon, and frankly he's singled out the nest to be located near the Land of Earth's border. However keeping track of time, Rin realized that he's starting to run out of time. He was to deliver a living Otsutsuki to Menza, but there was virtually nothing to go on aside from what they are known for.

    With a reluctant sigh from his lips, Rin decides to look into one of their allied nation's. Perhaps it is better not just for espionage, but also because it would be less suspecting until the last second. Shrugging his backpack on his shoulders, adjusting his bow, Rin proceeds to go undercover by sneaking off into Kirigakure. Hopefully to go unnoticed as he'll avoid the main roads and such until he finds a ship to Kirigakure.

    [Stealth Travel to Kirigakure -> Land of Grass (12hr) -> Land of Fire (48hr) -> Land of Water (24hr) | Travel Discount -25% | total hrs; 63 hrs]

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