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    A Permanent Change (FB)

    Madrigal Hyuga
    Madrigal Hyuga

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    A Permanent Change (FB) Empty A Permanent Change (FB)

    Post by Madrigal Hyuga on Thu Sep 17, 2020 11:13 pm

    It was time to begin the process of her new life. She had informed few others of her intentions, instead sending notice into the Hokage's Office of her work and what it allowed one to do. The potion would change her DNA to change her appearance permanently. She would obviously need to have the higher ups informed so that she wasn't killed on sight as a trespasser in the village just for leaving her home. She informed them that she had no idea what she would look like, or if she'd even still be female when she awoke the next morning. That was part of the fun though, part of the risk.

    Regardless, when she awoke she would take one of the major steps toward starting her new life. It was thrilling to be so close to the precipice of her career. Uncorking one of the vials of the potion she drank it down in one gulp. It didn't taste too bad, almost like medicine. She took a small glass of water to wash any after taste and then went to sleep. Tomorrow would be a new day in many ways for her.

    Awaking, Azalea's eyes opened slowly. She felt groggy and she the first few moments she didn't remember what she was supposed to be doing when she awoke. Soon enough however she realized and the individuals eyes widened. Moving into the bathroom, she would look into the mirror after turning on the light. Her eyes would widen in surprise and recognition. It had worked! The potion had worked!

    She had long black hair, light gray eyes, a slender but muscular build. She'd grown quite a bit too, going from her original 4'9 to growing almost two feet. She stood at 6'5, or well, she guessed 'he' did now. Checking she would find all the 'equipment' where it was supposed to be. She would have to get used to the differences in how his hormones as a male made him feel but physically and soon enough emotionally, he was now a completely new man. "Good thing I chose a new name for if I became a male, or stayed a female." He would say, his voice came out smooth, and light, it was much deeper than her old one. Which of course, it would be, although it was far from the deepest male voice she'd heard. She decided she liked it. "Excellent, I suppose from now on, I'll be known as 'Madrigal'." He would say before turning and finding a set of clothing that fit him. He'd bought a variety of sizes of clothing because he hadn't been sure how large or tall or skinny he'd be. Now he could go out and properly buy some.

    Leaving the house, he'd turn toward the shinobi who was nearby, he was part of the morning patrol and Madrigal had been told someone from his squad would be coming by to double check he was who he said he was. For that reason he was given a code phrase to say to confirm his identity. "It's me, a new dawn rises, call me Madrigal." He would say, prompting the man to nod and report. Madrigal however would go and buy some clothing that fit him better. He didn't look bad, but he wanted to look sharp on the first day of his new life.

    Drinking 1

    Name: Body Change Potion
    Rank: A
    Price: 250,000
    Application: Ingestion
    Effects: This potion once willingly ingested takes effect during the next sleep cycle the character goes into. As this period of rest is when the body is most active working to heal injuries. This potion hijacks those capabilities to modify and change the body. When the user awakes they will find themselves with an entirely new permanent appearance. Their DNA for said appearance seemingly changed entirely. This potion can change everything from the eye and hair colour, to musculature and sex. The process is seemingly random and the user will have no idea how they might look when they awaken. The drinker of this potion must willingly consent to the process for this to occur.
    Duration: Permanent
    Cooldown: 1 use.
    *Yields 1 dosages


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