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    Evening's Shadows (Mission, Iro)


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    Evening's Shadows (Mission, Iro) Empty Evening's Shadows (Mission, Iro)

    Post by Tamwyn on Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:31 am

    Mission Time:
    Mission Name: Beat up the Delinquents
    Mission Type:  Guard
    Mission Rank: C
    Mission Goal: Beat up the Delinquents
    Description: A group of juvenile delinquents have been going around at night tagging various shops with graffiti. The owners of these shops are getting fed up with it and have decided to finally do something about it. They are looking to hire a Shinobi to stake out the market district at night and wait for the delinquents to show up and then teach them a lesson. Beat the delinquents or install fear into them to get them to stop their evil ways.
    Payment: 15,000 Ryo
    Requirements: Genin +

    It was late in the evening, darkness creeping across the horizon as the light of the sun slowly disappeared in the opposite direction. The stars could slowly be seen appearing in the heavens as small, pinpricks of light in the sky, vividly visible upon the creeping black of the sky. Andalusa stood atop a building, leaning against a wall atop it and smoking a cigar. He wasn’t close enough to the edge of the building for it to be visible to the streets below, for at the moment he was simply waiting for his partner. He wasn’t told who they would be, only to meet them on top of a rooftop on this street at around this time. He figured the lit end of the his cigar would be a good enough tell in the fading light to point out someone waiting. He obviously wouldn’t be able to keep the cigar lit during the mission though. They were being tasked with tracking down a group of delinquents who were vandalizing property and putting a stop to it. They could use any means they wanted short of lethal force, which suited Andy just fine. He’d rather break a few bones and move along with his night. ‘Wait, would going straight for the physical approach make me more like my father?’ He thought briefly, pausing as he tapped off the cigar, the ash slowly blowing away in the light breeze as he brought the cigar back to his lips for another drag.

    It was getting to be about time, his partner was due anytime now. He wondered what they would be like. He didn’t even have a bloody damned name to work with. He hoped whoever they were that they had more information about him than he did about them. Otherwise they’d be hard pressed to start the damn mission since they’d have more than a little difficulty in finding one another. He shook his head of the thoughts and stepped away from the wall, his long, black hair swaying in the breeze as he tapped his cigar against the wall as he did so. It’d put his preferred stress reliever out and he’d slide it into an inside pocket of his coat. His long red overcoat went down to mid calf and it had more than a few inside pockets for things such as his freshly put out cigar. He could light it up later, right now he had a mission to start and it was time to get going. His partner could find him scouting from the rooftops. He’d begin to move from rooftop to rooftop, close enough to see the shops and buildings across the street, but far enough back that the increasing darkness hid him in shadows. He’d forgone the gold coloured scarf tonight, the rest of his clothing was dark, and would blend in well with the shadows. Well tailored suit, reinforced, immaculately polished shoes, and his coat was all he really needed to look acceptable in his opinion anyway.

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