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    A Day at the Library


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    A Day at the Library Empty A Day at the Library

    Post by Nozomi on Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:40 pm

    Nobody could train all the time, and Nozomi was no exception to this rule. Still, she decided to take a break from her training, to give her body some time to rest. Rather than completely ceasing training though, she went to the library to work on some light reading and research. It was a decent use of her time, studying. She knew that to better serve Honiko, she'd need to be smarter, and the best way to do that was to read new material and learn.

    She sat with a small stack of books and a couple of sandwiches, flipping through the pages as she read, only occasionally taking a bite of her food here and there. She was reading accounts of former wars, which she found rather fascinating.

    She'd been there for a while, and it was lunch time at this point. Since she had her lunch with her, she took a few minutes to finish her sandwiches instead of just picking at them. Once she'd finished with her lunch, she went back to reading, learning more about the Hozuki and Inazuma conflict, although from Kumogakure's perspective. She'd always heard about it from Kiri's point of view, and it was interesting to see things from another side.

    If she had one thing to take away from this, it was that information on the same topic needed to be viewed from different angles to get the full truth out of it, as each side had their own interpretations of the same events. A good lesson to learn.

    When she finished up with her reading, Nozomi took the books back to the front desk, dropping them off into the turn in slot, and left, to go for a walk and enjoy the day.


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