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    Tsubaki Kaguya vs Nozomi Himitsu

    Uchiha Akihiro
    Uchiha Akihiro

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    Tsubaki Kaguya vs Nozomi Himitsu Empty Tsubaki Kaguya vs Nozomi Himitsu

    Post by Uchiha Akihiro on Thu Dec 27, 2018 10:57 pm

    Tsubaki Kaguya vs Nozomi Himitsu Tsubakibuns ~VS~Tsubaki Kaguya vs Nozomi Himitsu Bzzzzzzzzzz_by_na_nedam_dcb50ll-pre

    First of all, congratulations to both of you for advancing thus far.

    No serious injuries were sustained on the previous round, so you both begin healthy and with a full chakra pool.

    First poster is Tsubaki. (This was decided by Google's random number generator).

    You begin standing on opposite sides of the arena. 50 meters behind you is the arena circular wall.
    100 meters are between you and the very center of the circular arena.
    And 200 meters separate the two competitors.

    Remember the arena description!
    Akihiro wrote:The Four Champion's Arena was built for the specific purpose of hosting the 1st Shinobi World Tournament, where competitors will fight each other to be crowned to the best shinobi in the world. It is a circular arena, the fighting stage is a a 300 meters diameter circle composed of sand, dirt, sweat and the pride of defeated opponents.  The spectators' area is composed of three levels, each one higher than the one below it. It has a capacity for tens of thousands of people. Very complex Fuuinjutsu has been applied to protect the spectator's area, with three invisible barriers of X-rank strength preventing jutsus and other attacks from harming the audience and allowing the fighters the opportunity to go all out. The barrier is circular, placed on the limits of the arena and rises up to 10,000 meters above it. Because this barrier is extremely expensive and taxing (requiring several shinobi to maintain) it is only active during the duration of the event.
    Zach, remember you're the first poster.

    Good luck, and have fun!

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    Tsubaki Kaguya vs Nozomi Himitsu Empty Re: Tsubaki Kaguya vs Nozomi Himitsu

    Post by Nozomi on Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:09 pm

    Nozomi had been standing around for a while at this point, waiting for her opponent to show up. She understood that she was an intimidating presence, and nobody from Kiri was at her level, so it was of little surprise to her that Tsubaki was too afraid to show up. After Nozomi's display against Rin, Tsubaki must have realized she wouldn't fair any better. Or perhaps she realized she wasn't even in Rin's league, and decided to save herself the embarassment of losing even harder.

    Still, Nozomi waited patiently, to see whether or not Tsubaki would show up. She had come prepared to fight, wearing the same outfit and tools that she'd fought Rin with, only with an addition of a new Flak Jacket. There was no showboating to be done, Nozomi didn't care about pleasing the crowd, she just kept her eyes trained on the entrance on the opposite side of the arena.

    It wasn't fulfilling though. Nozomi was disappointed at the possibility that her opponent may not show up. The entire reason that Honiko had taken them here was so they could show their strength and test themselves in a controlled environment. Raijin was ultimately a disappointment in his match against Tsubaki, and Nozomi was hoping to show her that Raijin wasn't the best they had to offer.

    Sure, she'd rolled through Rin, but officially, he was still a genin anyhow, so it wasn't like that was anything important on paper. He'd been skilled, for sure, but beating a genin and passing her second round on a forfeit was hardly anything worth her time. Largely, this trip seemed to have been a waste. Maybe they should just attack the nations outright. Honiko was right, that would get a response at the very least.

    The crowds were restless. Where was Tsubaki?

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