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    Summoning Rules

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    Summoning Rules Empty Summoning Rules

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:00 pm

    Summoning Rules

    Summons are creatures, artifacts, and other supernatural manifestations that can be called forth by the user via the Summoning Jutsu. Individual summons are usually part of a broader family of summons that are accessed by signing some sort of Contract. The conditions and stipulations of this contract vary but generally revolve around some sort of pact between the summoning family and the summoner. Summons like other ninja techniques vary in power E-S and one's possession of the Kuchiyose Skill along with their chakra reserves determines how proficient they are in using their summons.

    There are universal rules that govern the limitations of Summoning Contracts as a whole. Contracts are only allowed a singular element (cannot be an advanced element) from which to perform Elemental Ninjutsu. Contracts may access Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Ninjutsu (both learning canon jutsu and player designed custom jutsu) as part of the broad array of techniques that they may draw from. They are also allowed a single additional Skill from which to utilize other techniques (basically Sensory, Ijutsu, Fuuin, Buki. So anything not Tai, Gen, or Nin which they already have access to). Summons receive whatever perks are listed in the relevant Skill descriptions posted here

    Note that while summons may learn clan and village exclusives they may only do so if the summoner knows them. Restricted techniques/abilities are generally not available for summons to learn but are decided on a case-by-case basis by Staff (ie. summons receiving restricted Doujutsu abilities via implantation or summons receiving Flying Thunder God etc etc).

    Summons may trade their additional Skill point for an extra element and vice versa.

    Each rank of individual summons have their own limitations and abilities.

    Summons are training in accordance with the custom Jutsu Training Rules found here. They are also subject to shinobi class restrictions concerning learning techniques found here. For example, an S-Rank Summon would require 350 WC to learn and could not be learned until A-Class.

    E Rank Summon
    - Allowed a single jutsu of D Rank and below
    - 3 Stat Raises

    D Rank Summon
    - Allowed a single jutsu of C Rank and below
    - 8 Stat Raises
    - No stat above B

    C Rank Summon
    - Allowed two jutsu of C Rank and below
    - 10 Stat Raises
    - No stat above B

    B Rank Summon
    - Allowed three jutsu of B Rank and below
    - 15 Stat Raises
    - No stat above B

    A Rank Summon
    - Allowed five jutsu of A Rank and below
    - 18 Stat Raises
    - No stat above A

    S Rank Summon [Boss Summon]
    - Allowed seven jutsu of S Rank and below
    - 20 Stat Raises
    - No stat above S

    While any shinobi may learn the Summoning Jutsu, those without the Kuchiyose Skill are restricted to C Rank due to their amateur knowledge of the underlying principles governing the ancient and mystical technique. Another fact limiting one's proficiency with the Summoning Jutsu is their base Stamina. Aside from requiring chakra for the act of summoning itself, Summons are anchored to their physical location by the user's chakra pool. The size of that pool determines how long each individual summon can stay present before being automatically unsummoned and it can also boost how many summons you can have out at once.

    Summoning Duration Chart - This measures how long each individual summon can remain out before being automatically unsummoned. This chart is based on your stamina. The letter on the left represents your Stamina stat tier and the number on the right represents how long you can have that summon out for via post count. For every rank that your summon is beyond E, it reduces the duration by 1 post. It wouldn't matter how many summons you have out on the field; these time limits would apply to each summon individually. If you wish for the summon to remain in play, you may repay the cost for summon at the end of the time limit. This means you do not have to re-summon the same summon after the time limit has expired.

    So for example, with E Stamina, you get one post of your summon. 12 posts with S tier Stamina. However, that number is reduced by one for each rank of the summon above E. So a character with S stamina can keep an E summon out for 12 posts, but an S ranked summon out for only 7 posts.

    E: 1
    D: 3
    C: 5
    B: 7
    A: 10
    S: 12

    Summoning Number Chart - This measures how many summons you can have out at any given time. These limits are a flat numerical amount that is universal for all characters. The letters on the left represent the rank of the summon in question and the numbers on the right represent the number of summons of that rank you can have active. This chart is static although those of S-Tier Stamina are allowed an extra summon and those of X-Tier Stamina are allowed two extra summons.

    E: 6
    D: 5
    C: 4
    B: 3
    A: 2
    S: 1

    If you wish to mix and match the summons you have out, you may do so but the total number of summons you can have out is capped at 6. You can mix and match but may not exceed more than the allotted number of summons per rank. So for example, you can have:

    5 D Ranks and an S Rank
    2 A Ranks, a S Rank, and 3 B Ranks
    4 C Ranks, a S rank, and an A Rank


    Contract Registration Template

    [b]Contract Name:[/b] (What is the general name of your contract?)
    [b]Type:[/b] (Artifact, Animal, Creature, Spirit, Landmass, Etc)
    [b]Specimen:[/b] (Animal Species, Creature Type, Artifact Type, Landmass Type, Etc)
    [b]Culture/Lore:[/b] (Storyline behind your Contract)
    [b]Element(s):[/b] (Water, Lightning, Earth etc)
    [b]Designated Skill:[/b]  (Skills if any)
    [b]Summoning Method:[/b] (Description of the Summoning process)
    [b]Requirements:[/b] (Requirements for the summoning process
    [b]Drawbacks:[/b] (What are the drawbacks?)
    [b]Holders:[/b] (Who has signed the contract currently?)

    Without code:

    Contract Name: (What is the general name of your contract?)
    Type: (Artifact, Animal, Creature, Spirit, Landmass, Etc)
    Specimen: (Animal Species, Creature Type, Artifact Type, Landmass Type, Etc)
    Culture/Lore: (Storyline behind your Contract)
    Element(s): (Water, Lightning, Earth etc)
    Designated Skill:  (Skills if any)
    Summoning Method: (Description of the Summoning process)
    Requirements: (Requirements for the summoning process
    Drawbacks: (What are the drawbacks?)
    Holders: (Who has signed the contract currently?)

    Summon Registration Template


    [b]Summon Name:[/b] (What is the name of your summon?)
    [b]Rank:[/b] (E - S)
    [b]Appearance:[/b] (How does your summon look?)
    [b]Element:[/b] (Should match your Contract, if any.)
    [b]Skill(s):[/b] (Skills if any.)
    [b]Techniques Known:[/b] (If you want to register a unique technique for your summon, post it here using the [url=https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t80-technique-registration-guide-and-template]Technique Registration Template[/url] as a guide.)

    Without Code

    Summon Name: (What is the name of your summon?)
    Rank: (E - S)
    Appearance: (How does your summon look?)
    Element: (Should match your Contract, if any.)
    Skill(s): (Skills if any.)
    Stats: (What stats does your summon have?)
    Techniques Known: (If you want to register a unique technique for your summon, post it here using the Technique Registration Template as a guide.)
    Weaknesses: (Does your summon have any individual weaknesses in addition to the general drawbacks that your summon has? If not, you may restate the general drawbacks all summons of your contract are subject to).

    - No Chakra Transfer for Summons
    - Summons may not have the Kuchiyose Skill
    - The contracts for The Snakes of Ryūchi Cave, Katsuyu the Slug of Shikkotsu Forest, and The Toads of Mount Myōboku and therefore Sage Mode as a whole are restricted.

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