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    Mission Rules

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    Mission Rules Empty Mission Rules

    Post by Chen Kimyōnakama on Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:30 pm

    D-rank Missions: These missions are usually funded by middle to upper class citizens in your respective village or by the community's best interest. These missions serve absolutely no risk and run as basic chores requiring little skill to accomplish. Tasks such as picking up trash, pulling weeds, and tracking lost pets fall under this category. These are almost exclusively given to Genin. (Payout: 10,000 ryo)

    C-rank Missions: Missions at this level are usually funded by merchants seeking mercenary protection to their destination, or a small rural community needing a wildlife threat eliminated. Day-to-day village duties also fall under this category such as gate keeping and patrols. These are considered low-risk missions because the environment you run is not hostile or targeted by foreign Shinobi, but a threat may still be eminent. These are given to Chuunin, or in some rare occasions, Genin under the guidance of a Jounin. (Payout: 15,000 ryo)

    B-rank Missions: A B-rank mission governs the "meat and potatoes" of a village's economy and the majority of its base. These missions include spying, assassination, sabotage, and much more. Shinobi are expected to encounter enemy Shinobi during these missions. These missions are given to squads of Chuunin or even Jounin. (Payout: 25,000 ryo)

    A-rank Missions: These missions are defined as being for your country's personal interest. Tasks such as kidnapping peoples of interest, intercepting documents and replacing them with falsified ones to cause foreign conflict, interrogating, and intercepting resources. Due to their risk and skill complexity these missions pay rather handsomely. These missions are given to large squads of Chuunin led by Jounin, or simply a squad of elite Jounin. (Payout: 50,000 ryo)

    S-rank Missions: Incredibly difficult to accomplish, S-rank missions are the village's personal interests to a much higher degree. Capturing Bijuu, stealing forbidden scrolls, and even assassinating a Kage. A village's Kage chooses the most qualified Shinobi to execute this task and are always given personally. (Payout: 100,000 ryo)

    Mission Template

    Mission Name: (What is the name of the mission?)
    Mission Type: (Ex- Scouting Mission, Guard Mission, Undercover, etc)
    Mission Rank: D-S
    Mission Goal: What is the goal of your mission? Who are you guarding? What are you blowing up? Who are you spying on?
    Description: Why does he need guarded? Where is he moving to and from? Through what lands? Basically, anything important to the mission's details that is not the goal of the mission itself.
    Payment: Who is paying, the village or a third party? How much? (Note: Villages don't typically pay for missions under A rank, since these are typically when the village's interests begin to come into play)
    Requirements: Is there a certain Rank or number of shinobi that are needed to take on the mission? Do they need to have a certain Skill or Element?

    [b]Mission Name:[/b]
    [b]Mission Type:[/b]
    [b]Mission Rank:[/b]
    [b]Mission Goal:[/b]

    Creating Missions

    Members may create generic missions that will be posted in the Missions forum of their respective village. These missions are repeatable every month and have absolutely no impact on the village's political goals or self-interests. These are your generic weed pulling, painting a fence, or patrolling the marketplace. Because these missions have no impact on the village's politics they serve as a basic means for generating income and experience. Creating missions will also generate a bit of income for the character due to the service done by creating missions. Missions D-rank grant 500 ryo, missions C-rank grant 750 ryo, and missions B-rank grant 1000 ryo.

    When creating a mission be sure to post them in the "Unapproved [village] Mission" topic in whatever village you are creating said mission for. Missions will be approved by staff and moved to their respective field.

    Completing a mission generates revenue for the village it was posted, assuming the mission is NPC or sponsored elsewhere. For example, a Civilian requesting protection from a Shinobi Village will be responsible for paying the Shinobi and Village out of pocket. However, NPC D and C rank missions will be paid by the NPC, or PC missions regarding patrols or Intel Gathering would be sponsored by the Land's Lord, thus not directly coming from the village itself. Below are the general payouts for the different ranking missions.

    Village payout:
    D: 20,000
    C: 30,000
    B: 50,000
    A: 100,000
    S: 200,000

    *Note: You may have a mission be available to multiple villages, however you will only be rewarded once for the mission itself. (don't think you can create one mission and post it for all the five villages to generate x5 the reward.)

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