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    Jutsu Training Rules

    Chen Kimyōnakama
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    Jutsu Training Rules Empty Jutsu Training Rules

    Post by Chen Kimyōnakama Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:41 pm

    In order to use Jutsu on this site, your character will first need to train them using word count. Word Count is simply an amount of words that a player will need to put into a post to have that post count towards the training of a technique or ability. You must have at least the amount of words shown in the list below; you may go over the amount, but not under. There will need to be some focus in your post about training the actual technique/ability, but not every word need be spent on how many times you hit a tree to learn a jutsu about punching.

    Word Counts for Jutsu:
    E-Rank: 50 Words
    D-Rank: 100 Words
    C-Rank: 150 Words
    B-Rank: 200 Words
    A-Rank: 250 Words
    S-Rank: 300 Words

    If you have just registered a custom technique and wish to learn it, you will need to describe in some minor detail the process that went into actually creating the technique. You can make this fit your story as you wish, such as describing the character's master creating a technique that is then passed on to your character, but the Word Count remains the same. Custom techniques taught to others use the canon word counts.

    Word Counts for Custom Jutsu:
    E-Rank: 100
    D-Rank: 150
    C-Rank: 200
    B-Rank: 250
    A-Rank: 300
    S-Rank: 350

    Shinobi of lesser Classes may be limited in what techniques they are able to learn on their own. This is more restrictive in the case of custom techniques, where the character may create, but not train, techniques that are beyond that character's Class. Characters must wait until reaching the appropriate Class to learn that level of Custom Jutsu unless they have another means of learning jutsu beyond their class level such as a Unique Ability or high enough intelligence.

    In the case of all other jutsu, such as Canon techniques or Custom Jutsu made by other characters, your character can learn some of them prior to reaching the appropriate Class, so long as a person that is of the appropriate Class (or has an alternate means of knowing the technique such as high enough intelligence or a Unique Ability) is the one to teach it to your character. There is a limit to this in that characters cannot be taught techniques that are more than 2 Ranks above what their Class allows. Below are a list of the Classes and the highest Rank of Jutsu that they can learn on their own.

    Class Jutsu Rank Restrictions:
    E-Class: D-Rank
    D-Class: C-Rank
    C-Class: B-Rank
    B-Class: A-Rank
    A-Class: S-Rank

    In addition to using a sensei, characters may be able to learn higher ranking techniques than their class allows if they have sufficient Intelligence. Intelligence is the stat that governs the shinobi's general knowledge of the world, which includes techniques and how to use them. At B-Tier Intelligence, a character may learn techniques one rank higher than their Class. At A-Tier, this increases to two ranks and at S-Tier, up to three ranks higher. This is independent of the sensei option and the two cannot be combined.

    Once you've met the requirements for training your technique, post an update in the Character Updates forum. After a Moderator approves your update, your character will be free to use that technique. Note that where in situations where your class is high enough to where you may learn techniques of a certain rank without a word count, you may make a universal technique claim. All further canon techniques of that rank may be learned and used without posting further updates. The idea is that every time you class-up you do a universal technique claim to ensure your character has all the jutsu they'd logically know without pointless grinding words. Keep in mind that custom jutsu of that rank still require you to post updates although you do not have to make a post training them.

    When it comes to learning jutsu in a thread with multiple players you must get the consent of every player to train jutsu in the thread.

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