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    Protect the Resource Site (B)

    Rin Matoi
    Rin Matoi

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    Protect the Resource Site (B) Empty Protect the Resource Site (B)

    Post by Rin Matoi Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:11 pm

    Mission Name: Protect the Resource Site
    Mission Type: Defense
    Mission Rank: B
    Mission Goal: Defend the resource site which has come under attack from destruction and eliminate the threat.
    Description: Various bandits and foreign sabotage groups wish to sew chaos and destruction among the people of the land by damaging Suna's few economic resources. As a warrior of the village you are tasked with defending the mineral rights of the land and destroying those who would assault Suna's bounty. This can be repeated for each harvesting site which Suna has access to.
    Payment: 25,000 ryo
    Requirements: Chunin or pair of Genin

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