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    Path of Money


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    Path of Money Empty Path of Money

    Post by RinUchiha on Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:53 pm

    Another day for another errand of going to the market and pay this person for more materials. The materials vary each time as Rin may be sent to purchase a shipment of leather, a shipment of iron, a shipment of coal, etc. This time happens to be a shipment of iron and in Rin’s hand is the blacksmith’s money. It was enough to purchase fifty pounds, and thankfully Rin only had to hand the money over and use a wagon to carry the products. First after the payment Rin has to grab the approximate weight of raw metals and load it onto the wagon. Which was a workload on its own, but then Rin has to drag the wagon thankfully had wheels to roll on. It was only sixteen blocks away that Rin had travel back to the shop.

    Occasionally he’d yell for the people to move out of the way even after the clattering of wood and even the jingle of bells can be heard at his waist. Regardless Rin makes his way to the blacksmith’s shop at the back door where the unloading deck is located. It takes Rin another hour to pick up the ore and place it on the deck to form a pyramid of sorts for stability. Another day’s of hard work as Rin would put it as he wipes the sweat from his brow. The heat spilling out of the furnace can be felt even in the back, and after all even his master Hitsuro has to occasionally take breaks in order to cool off.

    Rin walked through the forge room to reach the lobby or rather the front of the building. Where he finds Hitsuro taking a swig out of a clay cup. “Excuse me Hitsuro, but if it would be possible i’d like to purchase some things. Preferably two wakizashi would be fine.” The man raised a brow at the request as the last time Rin bought something it was just a katana and some armor pieces. “Why two wakizashi?” Granted he wasn’t really questioning it as the big guy gets up on his feet and begins sorting out his wide selection of weapons. “A katana is mainly for outdoors and can be a problem if i have to fight indoors or in tight corners. A wakizashi is the right length for such situations.”

    Hitsuro waved his hand in dismissal at Rin’s words. “That’s not what i asked boy. I asked why two wakizashi.” By this point the blacksmith found a pair of wakizashi that are practically twins to each other. The boy shrugged his shoulders in response even though Hitsuro wasn’t looking. “In case one breaks for some reason i’ll have another. Also I’m tempting to try out two weapons at the same time. Besides i got a mission in a couple of days so i have to be ready.” Hitsuro looked at the pair of wakizashi in his hands with a sense of deep thought. Then he turns around to extend his unoccupied hand towards Rin. “Twenty thousand ryo kid and they’re yours. What i don’t get is why you’re fascinated with just swords or blades in general.”

    Rin reached in his pockets to count twenty thousand ryo and hands them over to Hitsuro. Only then Hitsuro hands the two wakizashi before adding two identical scabbards to them. “I seem to have some form of sync towards those particular weapons. Who knows, i just might become as much of a swordsman as i am a shinobi.” Reaching for the pair of blades, Rin sheathes them into their scabbards. “I suppose now that i think about it i should grab some holsters to hold these two. Probably grab a hip pouch while i’m at it too for extra storage.” The boy mumbled to himself before he took a deep breath. Rin informed Hitsuro that the errand has been the delivered and stacked where they belong. Afterwards Rin was dismissed from work for the day.

    Rin walked out of the blacksmith and made a short trip over to the market. Where Rin will purchase two holsters and a hip pouch for a total of seventy-five ryo. The boy made sure the holsters could hold the wakizashi and adjust the straps to fit him and not allow the weapons to slip out. Rin even tested it by doing a handstand for five seconds and neither swords came out of the holster nor from the scabbards. So planting his feet back on the ground and satisfied with his purchase. Rin makes his return towards the Uchiha estate where he’ll rest for the day.

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