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    Expanding the Arsenal

    Taichi Kotōshura
    Taichi Kotōshura

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    Expanding the Arsenal Empty Expanding the Arsenal

    Post by Taichi Kotōshura Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:44 am

    After practicing and getting a foothold in the use of Arhat Fist techniques, he decided it would be a good idea to try and expand his ninjutsu arsenal, while Taichi is more of a close-combat person and prefers it that way, he can't deny the possibility there might come a chance that he'll come across an opponent that requires him to think outside of the box, and it would be good to have access to particular jutsu that would help counter opponents who would counter Taichi's close-quarters proficiency, the problem is as stated before, Taichi is more of a taijutsu shinobi, while Taichi is not unknown to the concept of using ninjutsu, he would require extra help in learning the right jutsu.

    It's currently morning for Taichi, so he had pretty much the whole day to practice but he believed if he wanted to learn as much as possible in a more proficient way, he'd need pointers. He returned back to his house and decided to get the advice of his grandpa. He has always wanted Taichi to be a great ninja and Taichi is pretty sure he wouldn't mind helping out, when Taichi did ask him however, he let out a light chuckle and nodded to the request, telling Taichi that they should go to the Stone Yard. Taichi had just returned from the Stone Yard but it seems it'll be worth the trip back if his grandpa is actually teaching him some jutsu.

    They got to the Stone Yard rather quickly, and it didn't take long for the lessons to start. His grandpa was rather straight to the point and didn't sugarcoat it at all, he explained that before he would teach Taichi any jutsu, he'd need to get an idea of the physical level he's at, in terms of stamina as well, his grandpa had started the first movement and is surprisingly faster then he looked, and got a high kick landed across Taichi's chest which slightly pushed him back, he definitely felt that one. Taichi started to try and retaliate by trying to fight him in one-on-one hand combat, resulting in athletic dodges, spinning and jumping between the two which was mostly in the favor of Taichi's grandpa, who managed to land more hits on Taichi and dodge most of Taichi's attempted hits.

    He put one hand up, signaling for the match to pause, he believed he got a good idea of Taichi's physical capability now and believed he can teach Taichi some jutsu to help him in future battles. He told Taichi to bring out a throwable weapon like a shuriken or kunai and throw it at him when he's ready, and to charge him as well, doing as his grandpa instructed he threw a shuriken at him, only for him to activate a jutsu where a earthen wall flipped up from the ground, with the shruiken bouncing off the wall, with his grandpa not being in his visible sights, Taichi then jumped over the wall to see his grandpa still on the exact same spot and started to jump down at him, attempting to kick him but Taichi only passed through his grandpa, which made him nearly slipped when he landed on the ground, suddenly a hole opened up underneath Taichi and his legs were pulled down to the ground.

    His grandpa then came up from the ground, leaving Taichi in the ground but explaining what he did, while the wall was there, his grandpa quickly used "Haze Clone Technique" where any attack that comes on them will just simply pass through them, while his Grandpa used "Hiding like a Mole" to quickly go underground after the clone was made and then surprised Taichi after he passed through the Haze Clone. His Grandpa then helped Taichi by lifting him up, getting his feet out of the ground and then starting to teach him the signs and instructions to using the three jutsu he just used, Haze Clone, Hiding Like a Mole and Earth Shore Return.

    He also teached Taichi two other jutsu that he said he couldn't really perform in the Stone Yard, but in the right enviroment and situation, these jutsu can be very useful to Taichi, explaining what they did, he showed Taichi the handsigns for Subterranean Voyage and Tearing Earth Turning Palm, also explaining what they're capable of doing and told him to practice it outside the village sometime, as doing it in the Stone Yard might mess up the area a bit, it was nearly the afternoon but he decided to give Taichi one more jutsu to experiment with, and that is the "Hell Viewing" genjutsu, where he believed incase Ninjutsu or Taijustu don't cut it, the option should be there to use genjutsu should the need arise, after also giving the handsigns to Taichi, he decided to head back home, but told Taichi to stay and experiment with all the new jutsu he got, to try and get used to the handsigns and most importantly, to think of creative ways to use all the new jutsu he has learned, after his grandpa left he would spend most of the remaining day training and getting used to the new jutsu, like his grandpa wanted.

    Haze Clone Technique l D-Rank
    Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique l D-Rank
    Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique l C-Rank
    Earth Release: Subterranean Voyage l C-Rank
    Earth Release: Earth Shore Return l C-Rank
    Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm l C-Rank

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