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    Just buying some stuff

    Halcyon Yomi
    Halcyon Yomi

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    Just buying some stuff Empty Just buying some stuff

    Post by Halcyon Yomi on Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:04 pm

    Having to deal with some ideas regarding the fabrication and creation of complete sets of armor and complete outfits forced Yomi to go back to the local market again, searching for the proper materials and necessary things to further her cause of creating a pair of sets that can be used to display the quality of her work to others and pehaps would help her secure some future funds.

    Though she was a shinobi at heart, creating things was nearly as fun as destroying things, especially when the things she created prevented others from being destroyed, most notably her colleagues of the Mist village.

    So with a small note depicting her shopping list in hand, the chuunin decided to go out on a small shopping spree to get everything she needed.

    Iron 10 lbs: 3000 ryo
    Plastic 20 lbs: 1000 ryo
    Insulation 20 lbs: 1000 ryo
    2x leather : 2000 ryo

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