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    Finding the Scrolls... a New Home


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    Finding the Scrolls... a New Home Empty Finding the Scrolls... a New Home

    Post by Nariko on Fri Dec 22, 2017 7:01 pm

    Nariko had spent the last day in the Raikage's Building, familiarizing herself with the layout of the building, something she figured she may need to do sooner rather than later. It wouldn't do to have a leader who didn't know where all of their things were. In her walks, she'd remembered that the Raikage was the person who was in charge of keeping the secret jutsu of the village hidden from anyone who might seek to learn the knowledge hidden inside them without first proving they could be not only handle the jutsu and the powers that they possessed, but also could be trusted with the secrets they contained as well. Anyone who had knowledge of the workings of the jutsu could then pass that knowledge on, and the secret wouldn't be so well kept anymore.

    In this regard, Nariko was actually quite pleased to remember that she was now the highest authority on that matter, and it would be her own decision as to who did or didn't learn one of Kumogakure's exclusive techniques. The immediate problem was that not only did Nariko not know what was contained inside each scroll, she also wasn't quite sure where Calypso or Seigi had seen fit to hide the scrolls, beyond the obvious fact that they were probably somewhere in this building, the most protected and hardest to sneak into.

    With an elite guard of three A ranked Jounin always on rotation, any other shinobi that would be chosen to guard at any given time, as well as the Raikage themself, sneaking into this building and being discovered risked almost certain death to any shinobi, even one lucky enough to have made it that far. Only someone incredibly brave, incredibly stupid, or both would even consider trying to break into the building and steal the scrolls.

    However, Nariko did need to find them, and Tsuga had no clue where it was that Calypso had seen fit to move the scrolls. It wasn't like he knew in the first place, and since then, Seigi had taken over, and then Calypso once again. This last time was so short that it was possible she hadn't seen fit to hide the scrolls anywhere new, and so that meant that Nariko had to find them again, at least to know where they were.

    The actual goal was a bit more selfish than that though. Nariko really wanted to see the knowledge in the scrolls herself. Heading into the Raikage's office, Nariko frowned, crossing her left arm in front of her, resting her right elbow on top of it, with her hand raised to her mouth, tapping thoughtfully on her cheek. "Calypso, where did you put them...." she muttered to herself, trying to think of where they could be.

    After a few seconds of pondering, Nariko decided that standing there wasn't going to yield any sort of results. Heading over to the desk, she started pulling out drawers and searching them, shuffling through the myriad of files and papers they contained, trying to see if they were there. Looking on top of the desk, Nariko shuffled through the unsigned paper work that was laid on top of it, sighing to herself as she knew she'd have to be the one to actually look through them, but deciding that could wait for the moment.

    After a few minutes of searching, having found nothing Nariko moved over to another desk, a small little table really, and decided she would start going through the rest of the stuff in the room. Pulling out the drawer, she found several scrolls, getting excited for a moment before she realized they were just simple storage scrolls that actually held nothing useful. Slamming the drawer shut, Nariko moved on to a what looked to be a wardrobe and pulled it over, dodging out of the way as a giant scroll fell out of it.

    The scroll crashed into the ground, and Nariko opened it up, giving a small fist pump when she saw what it contained inside. Detailed on the scroll was the knowledge and forms of several different jutsu and taijutsu forms, with detailed analysis on all of them. "Oh scroll, lend me your secrets!" she giggled to herself, and started reading over the scroll right there. Might as well figure out what it held so she could keep an eye out for people that would be trustworthy enough to know the knowledge inside.

    Her eyes naturally fell to the ninjutsu section of the scroll. As much as she was a Taijutsu user, she was first and foremost a ninjutsu specialist, and any Taijutsu she used was always in order to land a ninjutsu, using the Taijutsu more as a supplement for her ninjutsu than the other way around. "Let's see.... ooo, you! Lightning Release Chakra Mode.... oh, so you're an interesting one. Looks like a cloak of lightning chakra, boosts physical defense, speed, and strength, nice. And that's... two modes? Eh, pretty strong from the looks of it! That one is definitely a good one, I see why it shouldn't be given away willy nilly." she said, looking over the scroll.

    Of course, there were drawbacks to the technique as well, but it didn't really matter all that much, as it still had plenty of strengths anyhow, and knowing the weaknesses was something others wouldn't necessarily know. Beyond that, as important as it was for an enemy to not know the weaknesses, but it was also as much, if not more, important for a shinobi to know the weaknesses themselves. It allowed for a plan to circumvent the weaknesses and make them more perfect.

    "And there's also this one as an addendum to the Lightning Armor one." Reading the name to herself, Nariko burst out laughing. "Hell Stab? Well, ain't that pretentious! Damn, I'd have thought with a name like Hell Stab, it would be a Katon technique, or maybe a genjutsu, or a bukijutsu at the very least, but nope. Anyhow, at least you do some decent bit of damage." She'd whistle as she read over the details of the technique. It seemed, counter intuitively, the less fingers that were user, the stronger the technique got, which was rather strange to Nariko. Then again, if it focused the power of the technique into one fine point rather than 4 separate ones, perhaps it made sense after all.

    Interestingly enough, she also found a teleportation jutsu, that made use of the platform that she'd seen, and questioned what it was used for. It detailed the diagrams and designs of the platform on it, something that Nariko would have found more interesting if she was a builder, but she wasn't so that was less important. Nariko wasn't a science person as much as a knowledge for useful things type of person. And the jutsu she saw that went along with it was incredibly useful. "A teleportation jutsu that shouldn't be used for living things, but absolutely could be if someone was properly shielded. Now that is a useful jutsu. Too bad it only seems to be a one way trip. But even still, this is something that we can use for sure. Wonder if I could drop massive bomb loads on other villages using this." she snickered, half joking. Actually it wasn't a bad idea, if she was able to find where the other Hidden Villages were Hidden. Which, of course, could be done in only a matter of time.

    No, she didn't want to be that kind of leader though. She'd heard tales of the Kage from Kirigakure, who was ruling with a bit of an iron fist if their country's intel was to be believed. A militant type who would crush anyone who disagreed with him, and had the force to back it up. If she held other countries hostage by threat of bombing, not only would Kumogakure become a prime target itself, but she would be just the same type of violent tyrant that she found she detested. If anything though, she would use it probably more as support to send supplies to those who needed them, which was incredibly useful when it came to offering relief aid to those that lived further out in the country and might have been affected by the plague that swept through.

    Three of the jutsu on the scroll Nariko decided to glance over so she could figure out if there was anyone who could make use of them, but currently she knew she lacked the ability to utilize them herself. Black Lightning enhanced the Raiton energy of the user embued with it, but it required a Fuuinjutsu seal to be placed in order to change the Raiton of the user, and unfortunately, Nariko couldn't user Fuuinjutsu just yet. It was on her list to learn, but she hadn't actually had the time to learn it. The Self Repairing barrier would have been nice, but it wasn't necessarily needed in order to take down or hold something of immense strength. Keeping a Bijuu contained, or perhaps stopping a powerful jutsu, sure, but so could powerful jutsu.

    The Iron Armor Seal was much the same, although Nariko actually cursed that she didn't know Fuuinjutsu. She didn't know much about Jinchuuriki herself, but she knew enough that having one at their disposal would be an invaluable asset, and that without someone knowing that seal or one like it, Kumogakure wouldn't be able to have a Jinchuuriki of it's own without stealing another nation's. Even should they manage to take down a Bijuu, there would be no way of sealing it inside somebody else, and that was a problem. Taking down a Bijuu was difficult and ultimately would pay off, but there could be no way to benefit from doing so if it couldn't be sealed. It would just reform later on down the line somewhere else, giving others the opportunity to take it. No, someone absolutely needed to have Fuuinjutsu.

    Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do about that right now, and barring her learning Fuuinjutsu herself, or finding someone capable of utilizing it themselves, there was no point in worrying about it. The focus would have to be on getting the military strong enough to deal with any attacks they needed to without resorting to sealing a Bijuu or using a Jinchuuriki.

    She also glossed over the Kenjutsu style, although this was the least impressive for her. If anything, it was just a different way of attacking normally that people would eventually learn anyhow. The Cloud Beheading Style would probably be one she allowed almost any kenjutsu user to master, as it wasn't really something she considered vital that it didn't get out.

    There were two other bits of information to go over on the scroll that she'd left for last, wanting to spend the time to go over them in detail, as they showed many different complex body movements. Well, one of them did. The other one, Lariat, was more of a small little note that showed how the Lightning Armor could be applied to Taijutsu combat as well. That one didn't exactly wow her with its brilliance, but she noted that using a Lariat was useful when she was using the Lightning Chakra Mode. Theoretically, using a combination of the Arhat Fist, Lariat, and Lightnig Release Chakra Mode would be highly practical.

    It was the Disturbance Taijutsu that really particularly interested Nariko though. She had learned Taijutsu to it's maximum purely so she could fully maximize the potential of the Arhat Fist style, something that would allow her to use her full body mechanics to gain an upper hand in a fight against someone physically stronger than her. Unfortunately, she never really used other Taijutsu all that much, finding that the Arhat Fist was more than adequate for most fights she got into. Everyone knew it though, and that was the problem. It was easy to know what was coming. But from the diagrams, Disturbance Taijutsu took Taijutsu to a whole different level. Erratic movements, unpredictability? Fast and intensely calculated strike?

    "Whew. With jutsu like these at our disposal, what sort of jutsu do the other villages have access to? That's kind of terrifying. Note to self, make sure to try and learn the other village's secrets if I ever have the opportunity to." she spoke to herself, rolling up the scroll for the time being. "You contain way too many secrets to have just been left here. I'll have to find you a new home Mr Scroll." she said, poking the scroll playfully. For now, it would have to do staying here, but she was going to make sure that Tsuga and the others got paid so that nobody tried to decide and steal the scroll for compensation, or abandon post and leave the scroll undefended.

    Placing the scroll back into the wardrobe, Nariko headed back to the Raikage's desk, sitting down, thinking about all the information she'd just gathered. She understood the theory behind most of the techniques, and actually had little doubt of her own ability to replicate them in the field. As she was thinking about it, she heard a knock on her door, and was forced to get out of her own mind. "Yes? Come on in."

    Tsuga popped his head in and tossed her a scroll. "Report for you.... Lady Nariko." he said, sounding like he was half joking with her title. They had known each other for years after all, so he still wasn't ready to be used to calling her an official title. Besides, there was still time for someone to challenge her claim to the title of the 3rd Raikage, at least nominally. Closing the door behind him, Tsuga left as quickly as he'd popped in.

    Nariko raised an eyebrow, a retort dying in her own mouth, too late to strike back with a quip. It didn't really matter, she'd get him on the way out. Opening the scroll, Nariko read the report's contents and sighed. "Well, if what this says is true, I've got some interesting new people to keep in my cross hairs. As well as some people to admonish." Her job was about to get interesting. Moving over to a drawer she'd seen had files on Kumo's shinobi, Nariko opened it, rifling through it and pulled out 3 different files. Simon Kageyama, the one who had filed the report. Ryuko Shizu von Rose, a genin mentioned in the report. And Akuma Mussuashi, a former jounin of Kumogakure, recently demoted due to inactivity. And if the report was true, it was probably for the best.

    Rifling quickly through Ryuko's file, Nariko found she was in a squad, and pulled out a few other files, the ones on Akashi Uzumaki, Natsuru Senou, and Shimiko Chinoike. She'd have to do some reading on her way to the hospital. First stop was to talk to Akuma to confirm the report, or at least get his side of it. She at least knew he would be there, and it was faster than trying to track down Simon or Ryuko at the moment. Luckily, she had a lot of new information to absorb, and a bit of required reading as well.

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