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    Desertification  Empty Desertification

    Post by Zhengti Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:53 pm

    The room stood still, silent, and, as usual, sterile. People who had moments prior been sprinting frantically about at a pace which would alarm anyone watching now stood, scalpels in hand, medical wiring dangling abandoned from their open palms. The clock on the wall ticked quietly, interrupting what may otherwise be the tranquil, even blaring of the electric monitor which beeped out a long note of death. This was not what caused the sudden ashen faces of those in attendance, for the high pitched whine had permeated the entirety of the operation.

    The man on the table, the Kazekage - no the previous Kazekage - had lacked a heartbeat from the moment that the operation had begun. This perplexed the members of the clan a great deal at first though, after a time and the consul of Zhengti, they found that the man before them had somehow replaced nearly all of his body with elaborately crafted puppetry parts. Zhen had not heard of such a things, though prosthetic puppet pieces were known, if heavily guarded, secrets. How he had managed to utterly cram himself into the metallic sphere in the chest of his former body yet eluded the man, but eventually he, along with the few other clan medics, decided that Shin would need either to wake up on his own or that he would not wake up at all.

    Almost a full week had passed since his mysterious illness and neither body nor sphere had moved, though Zhengti was the only among them who cared to pay attention to the metallic orb within the body of the man, instead proposing that the man had no further organic form and was instead simply a puppet with no strings. The more they waited, and the more Zhen thought, the more pleased he was that the Kazehana had insisted on moving the ruler of their nation to the clan's private ward of the medical facility. His secret was safe with the few members of the clan permitted to provide medical aide to him with Zhengti among their ranks as the only available medical shinobi with knowledge of puppetry.

    And then, when everyone had thought all hope was lost, the body of wood and plastics stirred, twitching ever so slightly. Over the course of the next few hours the man had opened his strangely life-like eyes and began attempting to stand, waving off admonishment about how long he had been bed-ridden. After all, a puppet does not atrophy on the slab. Soon after that he reclined once more to doze off again, apparently recovering whatever mental energies required to maintain his current state. Word soon spread about the man's miraculous recovery, though he spent some additional time sleeping and inspecting his body.

    When finally he awoke once more, he asked that Zhengti aid him in some minor repairs and checking his systems and gears, especially in difficult to reach places, before ultimately leaving the place to resume his seat at the throne from which he ruled.

    Those long nights spent near that core, as well as a few of the bodies within the morgue which had not yet been given over to the sea of sand, had paid off for Zhen as his chakra now, however temporarily, coursed through the small sphere within the center of his technical lord and master. The illusion worked amazingly well, though he did need to think about additional manners of manipulating the puppet for this technique, while useful, would not hold indefinitely.

    (Training Dead Soul Technique)

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