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    In Times of Need


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    In Times of Need Empty In Times of Need

    Post by Nariko on Wed 20 Dec 2017 - 21:44

    Nariko clutched the bridge of her nose in annoyance. "What do you mean, there's nobody in charge?" she asked incredulously. She had entered the Administration office to check in with whoever was in charge of Kumo at the current time, assuming that somebody would have been around to take charge of Kumo's situation. Things were dire, and it was in times of need that everyone would look towards the leadership of the village, but she'd just been informed by one of the Jounin tasked with guarding the building that Calypso wasn't around, having left on official business, and that due to that, and not knowing when or if she would be back, everything was kind of in stasis at the moment.

    "I don't know what to tell you Nariko. Calypso left, someone was supposed to temporarily take her place. Maybe they ended up comatose or dead. Between Lady Calypso leaving and Lord Seigi dying though, we aren't exactly sure who to follow. Right now we're just doing what we were told before hand and guarding the building." the Jounin, a man named Tsuga Matsusuta, said, shrugging slightly. He'd known Nariko long enough to know that she had definitely earned the right to be called a Jounin of Kumogakure, as he'd rarely seen anyone as dedicated to doing missions for the village.

    Normally, he would be more on guard, but he trusted that she wasn't about to betray the village or anything like that. Still, the annoyance that she was showing was putting him a little bit on edge. He wasn't exactly thrilled to be dealing with her at the moment, he had been enjoying the rather lax amount of work he'd had. It wasn't like anyone wanted to blow up or attack the Raikage's building, so this was the best detail to be put on. Besides, the other two Jounin assigned here weren't all that bad, and they got to mess around and mostly slack off.

    They weren't bad at their job, but their job wasn't something that usually needed to be done. Nariko was throwing a bit of a wrench in that, and right now Yanai Emiri, the female Jounin,and Yoshii Noriyuki, the other male Jounin, who were both assigned to the same detail, were off doing their rounds around the building. They were close enough to be called back if there was anything that they were needed for.

    Nariko sighed. "Well, fuck, Tsuga. You know somebody has to do something then. And judging by your guy's lack of doing anything, I guess that's up to me. Its been way too long already without someone in charge." She went to move past him and enter the office, when he stepped in front of her.

    "Sorry Nariko, I can't let you pass, you know the rules. I'm paid to guard this place." he said, hand moving towards a kunai at his belt. His orders were to keep anyone out of the Raikage's office. Of course, he didn't want to fight her, but he would if it need be.

    Nariko, on the other hand, glared slightly. She was incredibly annoyed. "Look, I'm going in there, and one way or another, I will be finding someone to temporarily take over the village. Lady Calypso was supposed to leave someone in charge, but she didn't, or if she did, the person in charge isn't doing anything. I'm intervening. I don't care who actually does it, but somebody needs to take command until either Lady Calypso returns, or someone is elected as a full replacement. I don't want to do it, but I will because somebody needs to do it!" she started raising her voice. "And honestly, we're going to need to have someone to relegate out pay anyhow, otherwise your job is ultimately pointless."

    The other two Jounin had shown up around this point, Nariko's raised voice calling their attention, and Tsuga looking like he was about ready to fight. Yanai and Yoshii looked over to Tsuga to see what to do, and then relaxed as he removed his hand from his kunai. "You know what, yeah, I guess you're right. So, then what's the plan, you're taking over as Raikage for the time being?"

    Nariko shrugged. "I mean, kinda. Well, I mean maybe. If I need to, sure. The plan was to issue a call of all who are able to to stake their claim. Because it has been weeks since you guys even had any real leadership, I'll give up to 2 days for anyone to challenge my own claim, but it seems that nobody has wanted to as of yet, and I can't be bothered with the lengthy politics, so if nobody challenges me, I'll do it myself until a suitable replacement is found or Calypso returns."

    Tsuga looked over to the others and shrugged at them, unsure of what to say. "Looks like we have a temporary Raikage in Nariko. At least for the next 48 hours or so." Yoshii laughed. "I mean, I don't want it, she can have the bloody thing, far as I'm concerned. About time someone stepped up."

    Yanai, on the other hand shook her head. "Well, I mean, I would have done it myself, but you guys need someone to keep guard with you, and let's be honest, you need me. Without me, you all wouldn't last a night."

    Nariko let out a sigh of relief, expecting that to go much worse. "Alright. Well, you all, go help spread the information. I'm in charge until someone else accepts the challenge." she said and continued forward, now pushing past Tsuga into the office. She could hear the faintest of conversation as they left, ready to relay the information to some others to spread, so they could go back to their posts.

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