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    Gladius: Fourth Year Anniversary

    Nyguyen Uchiha
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    Gladius: Fourth Year Anniversary Empty Gladius: Fourth Year Anniversary

    Post by Nyguyen Uchiha Tue Oct 05, 2021 8:41 am

    Happy Fourth Anniversary Gladius!

    We've officially reached four years at Gladius! Major thanks to all of you that have been a part of this epic journey for years and welcome aboard to those who have just joined us. The staff team at Gladius looks forward to continuing to serve you as we aim to provide the best Naruto roleplaying experience the world has to offer!

    In commemoration of this occasion, we are officially launching the first mission of the War in Heaven Theater of War. More information on that can be found here. We also will be granting every player on Gladius the following benefits to be claimed on a single character:

    1. 300 Experience (Total + Spendable)

    2. The ToW benefit that was originally part of the Gurētodaiingu.

    The horrors of this war scar the mind but with scars come healing and hardiness. The winning side will receive a one time S-Rank Psychological Damage shield. Alternatively, the carnage of this Theater of War allows one to project their experiences onto others with devastating effect. Such shinobi can deal an additional S-Rank amount of psychological damage with any illusion (one time only).

    You can choose either/or but not both. Keep in mind that both of these rewards (the psychological damage shield and additional damage for Genjutsu) can only be used once so use them wisely.

    The instances of valor and ingenuity also cannot be ignored. During the course of this conflict, shinobi learn to re-invent their approaches to lethal situations. Victors will also receive a single flawless UA (cannot be the handsealess one unless you have no KKG) that lasts for 3 months IRL.

    Strength: C
    Constitution: B
    Stamina:  C
    Speed:  C
    Coordination: A
    Intelligence: C
    Perception: C++

    Kunai x 10
    Shuriken x 10
    Explosive Tag x5
    Flash Bomb x5
    Smoke Bomb x5
    Blood Pills x 5.
    Coagulation Pills x 5
    Military Ration Pills x 20

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