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    Getting some standard equipment


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    Getting some standard equipment Empty Getting some standard equipment

    Post by Tatsuya Sat Jul 17, 2021 1:44 pm

    Tatsuya walks around to buy the necessary equipment that he needs in order to carry out any future missions. After purchasing the basic and standard equipment for his arsenal, Tatsuya stores his katana into the Lightning Flash Blade Creation seal on his left wrist. Equipment included;

    1 Katana (15k ryo)
    150ft. Steel Wire (1k ryo)
    10 Kunai (1k ryo)
    10 Shuriken (1k ryo)
    20 Caltrops (200 ryo)
    1 Flint Fragment (250 ryo)
    5 Chili Pepper Bomb (5k ryo)
    5 Explosive Tag (7.5k ryo)
    1 Backpack (50 ryo)
    1 Hip Pouch (50 ryo)
    1 Holster (25 ryo)
    1 Military Ration Pills (5k ryo)
    1 Blood Pills (15k ryo)
    1 Coagulation Pills (15k ryo)
    1 Steel Breastplate (30k ryo)


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