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    Mission Report: Standard Patrol


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    Mission Report: Standard Patrol Empty Mission Report: Standard Patrol

    Post by Kye on Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:06 am

    Iro returned to the office after her patrol route. There was nothing odd to report. Like many Shinobi she wears the common black sandals which secure her feet and ankles. Iro wears a pair of loose fitting black pants which extend shortly above her ankles, which she has wrapped in a set of white bandage wrap. Her pants are paired with a black sleeveless, backless top with a white undershirt in the same design. Her utility belt was worn around her waist which held a first aid on the back side next to her hip pouch and a single holster on her right. A single, tan obi is worn around her waist. Black leather arm guards covered both arms from the back of the hand up to the elbows. Slapped over her body was a dark gray flak jacket with three scroll holsters, the basic secondary flak jacket provided by Kumogakure. A leather baldric is worn across her body where she carries a quarter staff made entirely of oak.

    Around her forehead Iro sports her forehead protector. In a black cloth she has the forehead protector's steel plate facing the front with Sunagakure's emblem engraved on the plate. Iro has long, plum hair which is fastened in a long ponytail using a tan hair tie. She keeps the rest of her hair parted in the front with two long bangs reaching down to her chin. Iro herself stands 5'8 and weighs approximately 135 lbs. With deep tan skin she bares golden amber eyes. Iro has an impressive athletic figure including a toned abdomen with muscle work shown around her body.

    As Iro was wrapping up her mission report she was disturbed by an annoying flapping presence loud enough to reckon a powerful being. She was enticed to investigate as that's what would any good Chuunin would do. Leaving the Mission Office in a hurry Iro ascended the building stairs.


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