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    Post by Shin Thu Jul 01, 2021 2:15 am

    His eyes roamed the familiar landscape; it was another return for him, yet this time his absence was not as long. Yet, even with being only gone a week from Tsuchi no Kuni, the horizon still did not seem exactly familiar; it was not the exact same view he had when returning to Iwagakure no Sato for the first time. He wore the same clothes he had left with; there was no grand return planned for him, nor did he expect one. He was a chuunin assigned to attend a Kage summit while their current Tsuchikage was indisposed. Delivering the news of the acquisition of the Land of Birds and the Land of Wind was something he’d need to be careful with. Whether Mitsukira and Chen could be trusted remained to be seen; whether Yui could be trusted was even more questionable.

    Shin only knew one thing when he set foot into the village; he would only be able to trust himself and no one else. He knew where his mind was set. He knew where he wanted the future to go; whether he had the power to influence such decisions was completely out of his control. Shin did not know Yui, so if Yui had awoken, he had no clue how he would tackle things. Mitsukira and Chin were more predictable, at least from what he’d seen of Chen and what Mitsukira had told him. They wouldn’t cooperate, simply because of Chen’s disposition. Mitsukira would likely be thrilled at the news of Sunagakure no Sato being under Iwa’s jurisdiction. Chen, he wasn’t sure about; but he presumed if it led to more power, Chen would be satisfied with such a scenario.

    Releasing a sigh and preparing himself to debrief Mitsukira and Chen, Shin would slowly make the trek back into the village; home.

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