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    Come and Fly Away With Me


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    Come and Fly Away With Me Empty Come and Fly Away With Me

    Post by Asuka Wed Jun 02, 2021 1:42 am

    Mission Info:

    Mission Name: Herb Harvesting
    Mission Type: Gathering
    Mission Rank: C
    Mission Goal: Gather a rare crimson orchid
    Description: Venture out to the local oasis and, in the dead of night, harvest one of the rare crimson orchids to be used in the village's medicines and other chemical compounds. There are no dangers expected but one should always keep their wits about them as the desert is unforgiving after dark.
    Payment: 15,000
    Requirements: Any

    If Asuka was being honest, missions weren’t exactly his favourite thing. A necessary part of being a shinobi for sure, but often dreadfully tedious when you were a medic who refused to take on any killing missions. Today’s mission was no real exception, though the fact that they were to collect a medicinal herb for their client was definitely motivation enough. Maybe if there was enough Asuka could take some back to make his own medicines. Anything that he could use to further his medical knowledge and stores of medicines was always welcome. Despite the tedium of actually collecting the herb, it was definitely something worth doing.

    Now all he had to do was wait for whoever it was who was meant to be escorting him. He’d never really been out of the village, so even a short trip like this was completely out of his expertise. He had no clue where the oasis was, and had decided it was better to take a partner with him than risk getting lost in the desert and making a fool of himself. He could survive the harsh climate, but that didn’t mean he wanted the humiliation of waiting for rescue or stumbling back to the village on his own.

    He’d opted to bring his horse, though not to ride. She’d be useful to carry the herb back, her saddle an excellent place to store the bundles they’d need for the client. She stood quietly as his side, her dappled coat gleaming in the desert moonlight. It was almost time to get going, once the third member of this little party arrived they could set out. There was only so many hours of moonlight in which they could pick this herb, which meant leaving to head into the oasis would have to be done soon. The trip still took a while, especially on foot. (Unless his partner had a horse as well, which was unlikely.)

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    Teuchi Daizou
    Teuchi Daizou

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    Come and Fly Away With Me Empty Re: Come and Fly Away With Me

    Post by Teuchi Daizou Tue Jun 08, 2021 1:40 pm

    Teuchi didn't really take missions from the boards, he wasn't really sure that he could since he wasn't registered to the village. That being said, it didn't stop the people of the village from asking him to help around either way. There weren't many people looking out for the people in the poorer sections of town and those were the people that he bonded with the most. So, when they had asked him to get together to gather some herbs they needed, he didn't see a reason to deny... Of course, one of the old men who asked had said a Shinobi had also been assigned to the mission and Teuchi nearly turned it down afterwards.

    But the old man knew of his distaste and swore this person was different, that they had spent time around helping them in the time that Teuchi was away. He wasn't happy to hear about any of it but he wasn't going to say no to these people. Begrudingly the man had agreed to go on the mission, setting out to meet them at the gates wearing his normal attire. The only thing that was different from before is that a decent sized scroll rested on the small of the giant's back. The man approached the gate and saw someone standing there with a horse, a person that he had run into not too long ago,
    "I should've guessed that you were the kind Shinobi that they were talking about."

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