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    Sheessss back[Travel exit]

    Kotoshura Yui
    Kotoshura Yui

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    Sheessss back[Travel exit] Empty Sheessss back[Travel exit]

    Post by Kotoshura Yui Sat Nov 07, 2020 8:41 pm

    Yui was finally home, she has to make her way to see if Masaru was in the Kage office or not if he was okay things would be fine. However, he did not appear fine when she last saw him and now she had a deep worry something bad may have happened to him, like the plague that took her brother. She would land her dragon as she would enter the administration building it was time to see what everyone was doing if he was out someone needed to take charge and that would be her. She negotiated a peace deal and Konoha would not come and nuke them from orbit thanks to her actions, more than she can say for anyone else's actions in the war from others of her village.

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