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    Setting Sun Over The Deserted Sands

    Mountain Alliance Army
    Mountain Alliance Army

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    Setting Sun Over The Deserted Sands Empty Setting Sun Over The Deserted Sands

    Post by Mountain Alliance Army Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:04 pm

    Hanging low in the sky, shining rays of crimson upon the dull, graying sands under a sky on the brink of twilight, the sun breathed its last few breaths while what little light it provided soon became clouded and overtaken by the great shadow moving across the continent. Sands that once lay in somber stillness began to rustle and flee from the presence of the great shadow as it moved inward.

    A lone trio of Sunagakure shinobi roamed about the desert, straggling at the long day's end as they moved from the outskirts of the country towards the designated location where they would rest and exchange shifts with the next group of scouts. Nothing had happened in several days, nothing of any importance, at least. So it came as a surprise when they felt the very earth beneath their feet shake. They all turned back in unison and took on a look of awe with mouths agape at what they saw. Silenced, before they even had the chance to scream, all three were slaughtered by a crashing force that impacted the ground, leaving splattered remnants of bodies that remained for only a minute or two before being consumed.

    The shadow moved on, then, skimming the earth and turning northbound as the shaking sands swiftly coated whatever tracks or blood splatters may remain. A diverted course set, as though it found not what it sought, the shadow continued on the eastern border of the Land of Wind, killing indiscriminately all in its path.

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