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    Kumogakure Payment Plan


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    Kumogakure Payment Plan Empty Kumogakure Payment Plan

    Post by Tamwyn on Sun Oct 04, 2020 9:04 am

    Kumogakure Payment Plan

    You’re a shinobi of Kumogakure now, and now it’s time to see how you get paid.

    Every rank has a set payment amount that every individual of that rank will make per month so long as they meet the simple requirements of completing at least two missions within that month. Any two missions available to you will do, they may be done solo or in a group, but they must be completed within the month in order to count. The following is the base payment for each rank. One also is responsible for turning in their missions into the Official Mission Report Desk. This can be done in bulk in a single post, or individually.

    Genin: 20,000

    Chunin: 30,000

    Jounin/Special Jounin: 40,000

    ANBU: 50,000

    ANBU/Jounin Commander: 75,000

    Those with administrative duties* within the village will receive an additional 25,000 a month on top of their base pay. However these individuals are still beholden to the rule of performing two missions a month. Even for these additional funds.

    *Administrative duties are subject to Raikage discretion and can be assigned as needed.

    However should one continue to provide income for the village and do additional missions each month. One will receive bonuses that can continue to be accrued. These bonuses start after one has performed five missions for the village. Once one has completed five missions one may expect a bonus of 10,000 ryo on top of their normal monthly pay. For each mission completed after that, a bonus of half the mission's base pay will be paid as a bonus as well.

    As an example.

    Shinobi A performs no mission’s in a month, shinobi A does not get paid.

    Shinobi B performs two missions during the month, is a genin, and therefore gets paid 20,000 ryo, the genin base pay per month.

    Shinobi C performs five missions during the month, is a genin, and therefore gets paid their 20,000 ryo as well as 10,000 more ryo as a bonus.

    Shinobi D does  ten D rank missions during the month, is a genin and therefore gets paid their 20,000 monthly pay, 10,000 ryo bonus for completing five missions, and an additional 5,000 ryo for completing each D rank thereafter.

    Obviously if this ends up costing more money than it’s making, we’ll look to reformat this, but for now. Please expect this to be the pay format for the foreseeable future.

    This is going to have a 'soft' start this month. What this means is that 1 month from now, upon the approval of the November Update. The entirety of this plan will go into effect. That means you'll need to perform two missions each month in order to get paid. However for the month of October 2020 this requirement will not be in effect. However should you still perform the 5+ missions during this month, you will receive any bonuses this plan promises.

    To simplify, you do not need to perform the two missions to get paid on the updates for November 2020. However if you do put in the effort and do 5+ you will be rewarded for it as described in this post above.

    After Novembers updates however, it will take two missions a month to get any pay at all.

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