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    Entering Empty Entering

    Post by Ikomiki Mon Sep 28, 2020 1:01 pm

    [Entering from Land of Iron]

    Ikomiki had arrived as a forward scout, rushing ahead of the others with her. She was completely obscured, covered from head to toe in a black outfit that didn’t show even the slightest bit of skin. Her tail and ears were similarly obscured, with a repurposed ski mask covering her hair. A mask was placed on top, completely the appearance that was intended to hide her identity. She would press forward quickly, traveling to her intended destination without any hesitation even if alone.

    [Exit | NE Lighting -> Moonspire]

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    Hana Kaguya
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    Entering Empty Re: Entering

    Post by Hana Kaguya Mon Sep 28, 2020 4:18 pm

    Upon unloading from the ship she handed off Hiramekarei and her Happuri to Akihiro. "Seal these away. We cannot leave a trace." With that said she kept most of her regular gear on her., which were all hidden both her heavy clothing. Black boots, pants, long sleeve, gloves, and hooded cloak. They all worked together in concealing as much skin and hair as possible. The long hair in which Hana usually wore down was fashioned into a quick, messy bun being convenient to conceal her within her hood and the generic wooden face mask she wore. This mask was not decorated or even painted. It had three holes, two for the eyes and one for the mouth which were large enough to see freely through.

    With the zipper pulled all the way up her body was concealed. Following behind Ikomiki they moved towards the Moonspire for a social call.

    [Exit | NE Lighting -> Moonspire]

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    Entering Empty Re: Entering

    Post by Uchiha Akihiro Mon Sep 28, 2020 5:58 pm

    Akihiro came off the ship as well, after carefully sabotaging it so that it would sink quietly into the ocean. A diver would be able to see the wreck if they dove deep enough but for the average citizen and even shinobi the ocean would look as calm as it always had been, used to swallowing ships of various sizes and drowning sailors indifferently.

    He was wearing his enchanted spider silk mask and what he dearly called "Cloak 2", which would make him impossible to recognize. He'd produce a a scroll onto his hand, unsealing it from his cloak. He'd then accept Hana's request and seal Hiramekari and her Happuri inside it, then proceeding to seal the scroll back onto his cloak once again, effectively completion a sealception.

    He'd then follow behind the ex-mizukage

    [Exit | NE Lighting -> Moonspire]


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