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    Otsutsuki Snatched!


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    Otsutsuki Snatched! Empty Otsutsuki Snatched!

    Post by Arisu on Sun Sep 20, 2020 7:56 pm

    OOC: This is part of an IC story as to Arisu losing access to Animal Path and Ikomiki still having it without us duplicating the path.

    Arisu and Naitome had returned to evacuation plans. It was important that the civilians were protected, and Kitsuki and Arisu had split up to cover more ground. She was just about finishing up with the district, and giving it a last look over.

    Several robed figures appeared seemingly from nowhere. They had been tracking Arisu for some time. The Society's leader was present in the battle, and so some of her forces had been present as well. While they were also interested in helping with the evacuation, they had orders from their leader to capture an Otsutsuki if possible, to make good on a deal with one of the other top members, and deliver them to Menza.

    Arisu hadn't exactly been hiding her status as an Otsutsuki, her horn and rinnegan on full display, as well as Naitome's Rinnegan active. As they didn't know who was who, they figured they'd bag both Otsutsuki at the same time. The two weren't expecting the ambush, and were quickly knocked out, more so with Arisu taking a massive blow to the head, which dropped Naitome as well. They'd be quickly dumped into a wagon with seals that blocked sensory and would keep them unconscious, and were covered with bundles of stuff, blending in with the other evacuators.


    Arisu and Pain-tome being shipped to Menza

    Character Name: Arisu Otsutsuki
    Spendable Experience: 110
    Total Experience: 3860
    Renown: 2250
    Ryo: 550,000

    • Strength: C
    • Constitution: C
    • Stamina: S++(++)
    • Speed: C
    • Coordination: B
    • Intelligence: D
    • Perception: B

    Limit Break Points:

    • Physical:
    • Technique:
    • Destiny: 3

    Link to Character Updates: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t1821-arisu-s-updates
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    Menza the Cursed One
    Menza the Cursed One

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    Otsutsuki Snatched! Empty Re: Otsutsuki Snatched!

    Post by Menza the Cursed One on Mon Sep 21, 2020 6:18 pm

    Arisu and Paintome would be dropped back off at the original location by Menza's agents. The mad scientist had decided that releasing this test subject back into the world would provide more information than merely disposing her. They'd place a time release shock seal that would zap her away once they had gotten far enough away. Arisu would then wake up and be left alone to deal with the aftermath of her experience.

    Exit Menza Goons

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