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    The Kereko Clan Collusion (Flashback)

    Makahshi Kereko
    Makahshi Kereko

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    The Kereko Clan Collusion (Flashback) Empty The Kereko Clan Collusion (Flashback)

    Post by Makahshi Kereko on Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:23 pm

    The Kereko Clan Collusion (Flashback) R8ttu9

    Makahshi would do almost anything for family. He enjoyed his life and all the worldly benefits that came with being an elite shinobi of Kirigakure but he did love and respect his elders. It was for this reason and this reason the only reason that he obeyed them. So when Makahshi was told by his elders to take on a student he grumbled but did as they bid. Now returning from training his student Nozomi, he walked into the Kereko Clan compound content to rest. He had his hands in his pocket and walked through the courtyard towards his own quarters. He saw many young Kereko kids playing, training, and enjoying life in the Mist Village. Their numbers had swollen to nearly triple digits now that the remaining factions had left Kumogakure to join their brethren on the Isles. They were reviled in their home country as turn-cloaks and were viewed suspiciously even here but their wealth had more than tripled over the years. However the Kiri people felt about hosting such strangers on their islands, they had no problem giving the clan coin to do their dirty work. The Kereko Clan was notorious for its skill in Taijutsu and had been employed across the region as mercenaries, bodyguards, and trainers. Their investments were growing and in time they would become just as respected and feared as the Hozuki or Kaguya. Makahshi walked through the large double doors of the main clan hall and was shocked at what he saw before him.

    All the heads of the household were present in the center of the hall. They were congregated around a circular table. A katana lay stabbed in the center. Makahshi instantly recognized its significance.

    A clan meeting?

    He had only attended two clan meetings as a Kereko. The first when his father had passed away in the war and the second upon his promotion to Jounin. Both had been momentous occasions that changed the direction of the clan. The tall black man eyed the group suspiciously wondering if he was somehow being tested. The heads of the household turned to look at him and said nothing. There were nine in all, each representing a distinct family that traced its lineage directly to the founders Karupika Kereko and Ahshi Kereko. Makahshi understood that the silence was meant to insinuate that he was not intruding. He realized that they had in fact been purposefully waiting for him and that an tenth chair was empty. He walked towards it and sat down. Behind his gold rimmed shades his vision narrowed to focus on the clan's de facto heads. Each sat equidistant from the other in separate corners.

    "Bout fucking time ninjuh" Mack bellowed loudly. The voice belonged to an elderly and vicious black man who sat to the right of Makahshi. "F'you was any later I'd box the shit out of you young'un". "Nobody told m-". "Nobody told you shit, cuz ya ain't need to know shit till we tell ya need to know shit so shut the fuck up and listen jit!"

    Mack (pictured on the upper left), or Katahshi Kereko as he was born, had only recently shown up to Kirigakure. Back when the Sage was alive (or that's how long ago it seemed to Makahshi) Mack's father had traveled to Konohagakure with the intention of setting up a dojo. The plan was for him to establish a beachhead for the clan so that it could in time infiltrate the Fire Country and assist the Inazuma in weakening the Uchiha's hold on the region. Unfortunately, the man had fallen in love with an Uchiha woman and their relations produced the foul mouthed cretin known as Katahshi. No one had heard from Katahshi's father in many years. Some assumed he was dead but others brought back rumors of a curious black Uchiha with a nasty disposition. It was assumed that whatever had become of them did not concern the family as a whole and so they had moved on. After their decision to depart from Kumogakure and align themselves with the Hozuki and Kazehana, the clan would be joined by its other branches over the years. No one however was expecting the son of a long lost Kereko to show up at the clan's doorstep. The man claimed kinship with Makahshi's grandfather. He said they were cousins and could prove it. He had given indepth knowledge of the clan passed down from his father. The man called himself Mack, Lord Mack specifically but would eventually reveal his birth name to be Katahshi Kereko. He was accepted into the clan and his skills earned him a right to govern the clan alongside the other elders despite the fact that he was not very forthcoming about what he had been up to in the Fire Country. The young pestered him about his blind eyes and about being an Uchiha. The old asked what happened to his father and why he had come to Kiri after all these years. Mack answered them in the typical fashion:

    "Fuck off ninjuh!"

    Pieces of the story trickled in over the years however. The reason for his leaving was not by choice. He had been expelled or exiled due to a disagreement with the Uchiha clan leader and his family. The name Kazuya came up and was usually followed by a string of expletives involving the Hokage, his father, his mother, his brother, and a particularly horny goat. Makahshi didn't care about Mack's past but he was family. Mack's knowledge of the world was surprisingly thorough and his skills rivaled that of his grandfather. Whoever he was, he was a old Kereko through and through. Makahshi would afford him due respect and remain silent.

    "Enough" came a gruff voice to the north of the table. The voice belonged to Shi Kereko (pictured upper left). Shi was his grandfather and the only one who could single-handedly kill Lord Mack with impunity. The old man was the eldest son of Roar Kereko who was brother to Mack's father, making him and his siblings cousins to the Blind Black Beast. Shi Kereko was the defacto clan leader although he preferred to rule via council than direct mandate. However, when final decisions had to be made Shi made them and his word was law. "Discretion was critical. We couldn't interrupt anyone's normal activities. The meeting was scheduled by the four of us and kept quiet because of what we're dealing with." A silence had fallen after he spoke followed by a sharp address. "Makahshi!" The Jounin sat up straight and removed his sunglasses. "Your father sat where you now sit. You were the first of your generation to be made Jounin and you've done right by this family. You're a part of this council now and with it comes responsibilities. Your loyalty is always to us first." "Always" Makahshi repeated to affirm his grandfather's words. "Good. Esmiko if you'd be so kind as to begin".

    "Shieeeeeet. I thought we'd never get started" came a voice to the left of Makahshi. Esmiko Kereko (pictured bottom left) stood up with her Sunday's best complete with wig and granny crown. The woman was sister to Shi Kereko and the most powerful female Kereko in the clan's history. It is said that she had killed fifteen suitors before their parents agreed to let her remain a perpetual bachelorette. Despite her hatred of men, Esmiko actually liked kids somewhat except this usually manifested in tough love training sessions that churned out some of the most violent and effective Kereko shinobi. An entire generation of Kereko had come to adore and fear the woman. They called her "Granny Esmiko" to her face but behind her back she was known as Old Lady Grippenasty. Esmiko was also a significant point of contact when it came to the clan's various business partners. If Shi Kereko was the muscle of the clan then Esmiko was its brains.

    "Ayame is dead. The Old Wolf killed him. Of course I don't give a fuck about that asshole but he was good for business. Ayame let crime run rampant in Kiri. That was more mothafuckin money in our pockets! Bodyguards! Trainers! Assassins! You name it this family provides it! We were on our way to become the richest and most successful private security group in the world! When the Old Wolf killed off Ayame, the roaches went scurrying. Some went legit to fight in the pits others took their business elsewhere. Ayame was a real asshole but he was OUR asshole. We don't know this Nikuyo fuck, he ain't ours and he damn sure ain't ever gonna be ours. He gotta go. We are gonna kill Nikuyo and put in someone who can take us back to where we were"

    Makahshi was visibly surprised. He always played it cool and confident but the boldness of his family occasionally shocked his senses. The Kereko Clan is conspiring to kill the Mizukage? He would defend his family to the death but he was convinced this was suicide. Nikuyo had emptied out an ANBU building and murdered the Mizukage all by his lonesome. The people seated at this table were strong but even if they came at him all at once, they would most assuredly lose. Esmiko picked up on his surprise.

    "You look shocked boy" she stared at Makahshi.

    "Granny with all due respect...you're out of your fucking mind. Even if we could kill the Mizukage what for? He hasn't attacked us directly and Ayame had it coming after what he did. He didn't deserve what happened to his family."

    "Deserve ain't got nothing to do with it young-un. Its just his time is all. Its the way he carries himself. Always acting appalled and shit. Always asking 'why'. He was never one of us and never could be"

    Makahshi figured that Esmiko was referencing her personal interactions with the man. Sometimes the Kereko Clan Elders got lost in their own thoughts of wanton violence and hatred. It made for some pretty unclear dialogue and misunderstandings. The older a Kereko got the more they were filled with anger and the more it tended to cloud their judgment. Fortunately, their anger only made them more formidable as time went on. Shi cut in to add much needed clarification.

    "We never had specific ties to Ayame or his lot but the conditions he created were favorable. Nikuyo is the opposite of that and he represents a threat to our interests. If we make a move on him now, we can get a say on who replaces him. This time it will be a person that we know and can control"

    Makahshi fell silent. He knew from experience that if the four of them agreed on something then it was probably set in stone. He turned to Patches who sat at the southern side of the table.

    Patches (pictured bottom right) didn't really use his birth name ever. Patches was brother to Shi and Esmiko and was the youngest of the three. None of his siblings used his birth name either and as far Makahshi knew that was his only name. If Shi was the muscle and Esmiko the brains, then Patches was the heart of the Clan. He was uncharacteristically moral and calm for a Kereko but nonetheless quite lethal. He enjoyed reading, writing, and making music leading some to believe that he was not even a real Kereko but an adopted mutt. No one of course said this in the presence of him or his siblings. He fought well enough to be a Kereko but many figured his odd self-naming and unassuming demeanor made him the "black sheep" of the family. Patches looked at Makahshi and spoke.

    "He's unhinged. If even half of his story is true then he is a ticking time bomb. Only a matter of time before he acts against us. Nikuyo has nothing to live for except death and fighting. What clan do you think he'll turn against first? The Hozuki? The Kaguya? His own blood, the Kazehana? No. It will be us. Outsiders from a a far away land that have already betrayed the Lighting Country. In addition to what Esmiko and Shi have said, he's a liability not just a obstacle for future growth."

    It was useless to argue further and so he instead nodded. The other heads of the households whispered amongst themselves. The talk proceeded for about an hour but the consensus was that Nikuyo would have to die. They also agreed that it could not be anything close to resembling a hostile takeover. The clan lacked the strength and support to make a bold move against him. After some discussion, Esmiko clapped her hands and called them to order again.

    "This subterfuge shit requires some top tier strategy shit. Luckily, we have one of the best in the business at our disposal..." Esmiko whistled loudly and a woman appeared from the hall corridor and walked towards the table...

    "Makahshi Kereko. But to you my name is Pit, and you're not talking your way out of me"

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    The Kereko Clan Collusion (Flashback) Empty Re: The Kereko Clan Collusion (Flashback)

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Fri May 25, 2018 11:21 pm

    The Kereko Clan Collusion (Flashback) Il_570xN.1289298339_jvzo

    The woman who approached them was none other than Konami Kereko or simply Konami as she preferred to be called. Her sister was elsewhere doing god knows what. An important meeting like this was for strategy and tactics. The last thing she wanted was her sister loudly intruding and riling up the Kereko. The Twins had earned their keep as members of the clan and despite the drastic difference in appearance they were members of the family. Yet at the same time not quite. The Twins could be called upon to take on missions with a higher degree of risk than the other Kereko were willing to take. Konami in particular was a master of subterfuge and sabotage. What they needed done required her unique talents and her and her sister's position as being an adoptees made them all the more disposable. Toonami believed that these people were their family but as Konami looked across the table at the irate, senile, and hateful black individuals it was clear that they were business associates and nothing more. The only person she somewhat kind of liked that was present at the table was Makahshi who smirked at her presence. He should have known that they'd call upon Konami for a mission like this. Whatever they planned to do with Nikuyo the twins were a perfect patsy. If they succeeded then no harm no foul, if they failed they'd be cast off as not truly attached to the clan. He almost felt bad for Konami but he was confident that if there was any way to remove the old bear from the gameboard that she'd be the one to do it. The woman stood in front of the table with her hands behind her back and addressed Esmiko first.

    "Hello Granny"
    "Sup. Lay out the plan blondie"

    Makahshi and the other Kereko folded their arms and looked at the tall girl expectantly.

    "Its quite simple really. Attacking Nikuyo head on in any capacity is suicidal. He is much too strong for any underling to defeat and even if every person here attacked him all at once, we'd still lose. I'm confident that if we're to take him out it must happen without us ever raising a hand towards him"

    The Kereko Clan heads shuffled and grumbled at her words. Admitting anyone was stronger than them was difficult and annoying. They did not interrupt however as they knew she was right.

    "If my sources are accurate, and they always are....Poisoning will be next to impossible. His senses are impeccable and far beyond the capability of anything I've ever seen before. Luckily, I've contracted with another person to develop something that can aid us. A weaponized version of 'the plague' that activates after an certain number of sufficient minimum contacts with a chemical agent. Its extremely rare and it came with a heavy cost"

    Konami paused and rubbed the back of her head. Her own mystery associate was eager to help but what he wanted in return was not immediately within her power to give at the moment although she had assured him that it would be his in time. That would be dealt with at a later date in the meanwhile she had to convince the Kereko Clan Leadership that her plan was sound.

    "We apply it to various items around his surroundings in extremely small doses and in time he will succumb. It will be just like he had fallen victim to the plague. None the wiser. Many people who fall ill end up dying and those who don't are held within a coma indefinitely. Once that happens we can make a move to bring the village under our control. I've secured the backing of several key players in the region, we won't need the other clans once Nikuyo is out of the picture although for the sake of peace I recommend that we share power with them. The Kereko Clan will be granted a spot on the Council but once we revive our criminal networks we should achieve full control of the village in less than a year"

    The Kereko Clan sat in silence for a moment and spoke amongst themselves. Strategic planning was never Mack's or Shi's forte. Mack muttered some curses about being able to split Nikuyo's wig. Shi at least attempted to give more substantive feedback as to where Nikuyo would be stored and how they could ensure he never received the treatment necessary to survive the plague. Esmiko's experience in running the under-dealings of the clan however gave her the experience needed to cut in:

    "This poisoner for hire. Who is he? What did he want? And how did you get anywhere near enough scratch to get his goods?"

    Konami didn't want to answer. What the associate wanted would probably get the Clan into more trouble that it was ready to handle. The Kereko would try to deliver on it and the effect could have disastrous consequences. Konami wanted to keep the truth from them for their sake and let her handle it. Strategic planning was her domain and not their's. Makahshi at least seemed to sense the danger of their position.

    "Whatever he wants is probably not something within her power to deliver. In fact, I'm willing to bet its something so valuable no single clan has access to it"

    "Not yet" Shi cut in.

    "I'm not privy to his identity. He concealed it well. The poisoner wanted some of the village's exclusives as well as one of our Legendary swords"

    There was grumbling across the table. As she expected the Kereko did not particularly care for Kirigakure and if they had to weaken the village as a whole to gain as a clan they'd do so without hesitation. However, such a high asking price raised serious questions about their new ally. Konami was with them on this but they had to be careful lest they end up creating a powerful enemy they'd have to deal with later.

    "What did you tell him?"

    "I gave him assurances that he'd receive what he wanted. I have a feeling though that if we don't deliver he can make things quite difficult for us. It was the only way and I made the call to work with him. Once we take control of Kirigakure, the village's treasures will be ours to do as we please"

    Once Nikuyo was out of the picture they'd have more leeway and leverage to deal with their new partner. For now, it was better to give the man his assurances and plan to be able to deliver when the bill came due.

    The older Kereko were getting restless and once it was clear that Konami had the whole situation planned out, they decided there wasn't much talking about.

    "Its done. The old bear gets knocked out by the plague. Our new partner gets what he bargained for assuming we can't just kill his ass and the Kereko takes control of this sexy beachfront property called Kirigakure. Anything else?" Esmiko asked.

    Konami held up a finger. "Just one more thing. Our mysterious friend and I can only do so much. We need a third person to deliver the agent"

    Before anyone could say anything, Makahshi spoke up. "I'll do it". The young man had been granted a seat at the table and he wanted to prove himself. Put in work as the saying goes. The other Kereko looked around and chuckled at his eagerness. "Damn boy you tryna fuck or what?" Mack crassly called out. Makahshi shot him a glare but Konami remained stone faced having been accustomed to the Blind Beast's endless provocation. The room laughed at Mack's joke but then grew quiet as they recognized Makahshi's desire to live up to the position of authority he had been granted in the clan.  "Its settled then. The plan will be put in motion as quickly as possible." Konami didn't like sticking around after business was done. She left her Twin to do the schmoozing and socializing. She considered Makahshi a friend but she made a point not to let it go beyond that nor did she want anyone in the clan thinking she relied on them beyond what would be reasonably expected of a shinobi ally. As such, she bowed and took her leave eager to carry out the Kereko Clan Collusion.

    ~The Twins~

    The Kereko Clan Collusion (Flashback) V320w6The Kereko Clan Collusion (Flashback) 358ql1g


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