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    Training the Gifts

    Toonami & Konami
    Toonami & Konami

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    Training the Gifts  Empty Training the Gifts

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Tue Sep 01, 2020 2:42 pm

    Toonami and Konami arrived at the training grounds. They had two techniques to train. The first was the Fission Technique. Fortunately, because they had years of experience manipulating their Uirusu cells the jutsu wasn't that difficult in concept for them. They spent time splitting their cells constantly and so this wasn't a significant difference. Toonami went first but because of her chaotic disposition, the practice seemed to take forever. She studied several medical textbooks to get it just right but she still failed. Konami came in and helped her. Kon's approach was far more methodical and slower but it allowed them to fully comprehend the jutsu and its performance. Konami then turned to the Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu and began to analyze that one as well. She explained its principles and properties to Toonami who in turn sat down and continued to work on it. Eventually they were able to create a ton of clones between them. They made more and more clones until the area that they were in was saturated with blonde and  blue hair. The twins then had their armies of clones fight while they took notes on the mechanics of the jutsu and how it operated. They mastered Fission over a long period of time and eventually they had that down pact as well.

    Toonami and Konami then went into a bar and got into a fight with some patrons. Normally, Toonami would brag about her being Ken's girlfriend but that tended to scare away potential victims and so Konami watched as her blue haired twin bragged about how she was going to beat up every single person in the area without exception. The blue haired wonder made some clones and a massive bar fight erupted. It was really bad but it did give the Twins an oppurtunity to see how the Multi-Clone Jutsu worked. Additionally, Toon used a fission clone and she readily ascertained the abilities and powers of the clone. She noted that certain jutsu were likely off limit given that the duplicates both had about half of their total power. However, as far as the twins were concerned because there were two of them this drawback was not really a drawback. Toon and Kon experimented with hosting duplicates and various configurations and permutations. Toonami did things with her duplicate that made Konamki cringe but she accepted this was all part of the learning process when it came to using and abusing such powerful exclusive techniques.

    The Twins were almost done perfecting the two jutsu now all they needed to do was come up with workable strategies that would help them fully master the techniques. The sat down and came up with various tactics that furthered their understanding of both jutsu. It was all very difficult but it was still incredibly useful and so both Konami and Toonami engaged in this activity. They drew up the battle plans and committed them to memory. It was a good thing to because their reptutation had spread in the Mountain region and many were in awe of their mastery of the clones technique. They were then hired by the Mountain Alliance for a major military operation against Iwagakure. The Twins had no love for the village and in fact they were quite sore about how they had been beaten in front of the Iwa gates. They felt a bit bad for Akeno (she had after all died for her home only for it to be attacked again) but they weren't the sentimental sort so they just went ahead and did what they needed to do.

    Fission [S-Rank Canon Jutsu] - 250 WC
    Multi-Shadow Clone [A-Rank Canon Jutsu] - 300 WC



    ~The Twins~

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